So, Will You Hate Me?


So, Will You Hate Me?

You don’t know me, or my home,
Care not where I wander, roam;
Don’t know my hopes or my dreams,
But that matters not, it seems.
For my birth and for my race,
For the color of my face?
Will you hate me just for that?
Uninformed of the facts
Of why I’m here, what I want?
Your hate’s wicked, toxic, gaunt.
Buried my good in false vice,
Wrapped up in your whirlwind lies,
For my love, choice of consort?
Place of birth on my passport?
Do you hate me? You despise
My guts to look you in the eyes?
Why do you cringe? Why in fear, you
Draw back like that when I’m near?
Repulsed by my very being?
Shallow, worthless, thoughtless thing!
What you’re made of, did you see?
The same earth bore you and me.
Glazed by smugness, bronzed conceit
Your righteousness is your defeat.
I pity the likes of you; disdain
Your corrupt humanity, profane
Are your thoughts, your mind and soul
Hurt and pain are your sole goals.
Harmony is not to your tastes.
You’d rather lay whole cities waste.
Given choice, I’d be me, not you.
The venom you hoard will claim its due,
And when you rot out from within?
You’ll see why I’m happy,
“even in my skin”.



Hate. What a strong word. Dislike. Contempt. Scorn. Disdain. Enmity. Animosity. Rejection. All the more serious shades of our vocabulary.

Hate is a burning fire. One that needs fuel, that needs active kindling. You cannot passively hate someone or something. A person who hates stokes the embers, feeds the flame with constant thought, let’s their negativity boil and simmer and overflow from the recesses of their twisted thought into their daily life.

I’m not talking about people who deserve to be hated. There’s plenty of those, sadly enough. Pedophiles, serial killers, sadists, abusive parents, rapists, the list goes on. The difference between that hate and this kind, is the sheer irrationality of it.

How can you hate someone for the color of their skin? They’re black, someone else is brown, you’re white, but you’re human beings! You breathe the same air, live in the same world, you feel pain, you cry, you laugh, you bleed red! How can anyone, anyone justify superiority or inferiority, on the basis of race?

And then the biggie we face nowadays. Same sex couples. That’s everyone’s pet peeve, it seems. The only people you see supporting gay marriage are from the LGBT community themselves. Not one straight person will step ahead and take a stand. I mean, what?

I’m not gay. I haven’t ‘experimented’ or whatever. I haven’t even had that many gay friends. But I think it’s simple logic. If a man loves a man, it’s his business. It’s his life, it’s his choice. No one, and no one has the right to take that choice away from him. Same goes for transgendered people. The ridicule and mockery out there is preposterous. “Dismiss the lot of them as freaks and move on.” How can we call ourselves sentient beings when we’re refusing to understand the different viewpoints within our own community?

Discrimination against religions. Christians are rabid bible thumping repressed sex freaks. Muslims are violent extremists who can’t stop plotting. Jews are penny pinching mole spotted bankers. Hindus are cow worshippers, Buddhists are stoned hippy tree huggers. These are the stereotypes fast being affirmed and sadly enough, fast accepted. Why is it so easy to hate others, all of a sudden?

The shocker is how many of these start up from the school level itself. Not one of you can claim to have not read about children committing suicide because of bullying or being picked on. These are children!! They’re not supposed to know about suicide, about being pushed to such extremes of depression and anger. And the other kids who pick on them, on the nerds, on the sick kids, on the spazzes, on the emo/scene/goth tweens, on anyone who isn’t the standard streamline cloned clique. Who taught these children to be this way? Where did this anger, all this repressed negativity, all this discrimination come from? Who taught these children how to hate??

I don’t know, it’s such a depressing thing to even think about. But it needs to be thought about. It needs to be said out loud. More importantly, it needs to be heard, to be understood. Not one of us can claim superiority borne of some divine right. Not one of us is qualified to judge others for their lifestyle, their life. We have no business poking around telling people what to do. If we spent that much time and energy improving ourselves then we’d be miles ahead in personal development.

I will condemn you if you’re a bad person. I will dislike you if you’re a jerk. I will disagree with you if wrong and stubborn. But no matter what, I will not hate you if you’re black, Chinese or Latina, if you’re a pothead, a junkie, if you’re gay or lesbian or bisexual, if you’re goth or punk or scene, if you’re a tree hugger or a hippy or if you like family guy, or any of all of the above. And if you tell me that it’s alright to hate someone because of things like these, I’m sorry, I have to tell you, you’re just wrong.

So, will you hate me?

Love and light,

Cookie ❤

25 thoughts on “So, Will You Hate Me?

  1. kalieta says:

    This is beautiful. I totally was in the moment.


  2. This is amazing. I love how you piece together words like a puzzle. So good.


  3. Madsies says:

    No No No, You are un-hateable.
    Btw, that Feline up there is just so Cool! ❤


  4. Madsies says:

    True That! 😀
    She does, she does 🙂


  5. PapaBear says:

    Just stopping in to say hello, Cookie. Been a while since I’ve been here. Hope all is well with you.


    • Hello Paul. =)

      Yep, I’m fine, thank you. And I’ve missed your comments as well. How have you been? =)


      • PapaBear says:

        Life’s had its ups ‘n’ downs but I try to keep the ups on the plus side of the balance sheet. Personally I’m ok. Mother-in-law is in a Hospice facility with end stage heart failure and severe dementia. Hard to watch such a vital person so slowly dying. I’m handling things one day at a time for now. The whole experience keeps us really busy though. That’s all for now. Stay well and keep happy. I’ll try to visit a bit more often.


      • That sounds painful.. Its quite an ordeal to watch someone close go so slowly… I hope you an your family are okay, and all my love and prayers to you, in this difficult time. ❤


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  11. jwdwrites says:

    Great poem, and a nice thoughtful after, I enjoyed it.


  12. jwdwrites says:

    That was meant to read ‘thoughtful piece after’ but for some reason the letters never appeared!


  13. coffeeandspitup says:

    Really, really good!


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