Winter and the Wilderness


Winter and the Wilderness


I curl my toes under the rug
The fire crackles, snaps and pops
The purring cat is warm and snug
The merry bickering yule logs

Chitter away at each other,
And in my cozy little house,
The winter’s frozen us in time
No living moving man or mouse

The other side of the window,
Has a clashing story to tell
The bunnies scamper all day long
Looking for moss, twigs that fell

Into the snow, as chill winds blow
Cold and bitter, at the deer,
Snuffling ’round, but in my lawn
Theres not much to be found here

The squirrels are nicking my toast
Bundled up in my attic
I dont mind the intrusion
Out there, they’d just all fall sick

Two hops and a skip away,
Cross the bridge and past the park
I know that the bear’s asleep
And the trees are stripped of bark

The odd moose will lumber by,
Bird seed on the feeder stand
Painted white on white, them all
Tho’ no one can call it bland

More like ink in a coal mine
Symphony and synergy
Under the cover of frost
Is a thrum of energy

Held aloft in suspension
Cherry trees in crystal rain
Trapped inches away from limbo
Come spring, be alive again..




8 thoughts on “Winter and the Wilderness

  1. It's only P! says:

    After eight winters in Eastern Canada, I can see this scene before me. Beautiful. I’m through and through a winter person, although I’ve swapped 40 below for 5 above (and maybe snow). To go for the less extreme – with age – is not a bad option. 🙂


  2. It's only P! says:

    Fix that for me, would you? 🙂


  3. Madsies says:

    Beautful! XD
    Cookie Cookie On The Tray


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