Take a moment


Take a moment

Take a moment, lie in the grass
You know that life’s slipping away
We have the now to love and laugh
Who knows if there’s another day?

Another month, or year, or hour
Every one will meet their end
Savor the sweet smelling flowers
Greet the Reaper like a friend.

Life is not hidden in worry
Or measured in dragging weeks
Instead close your eyes and feel
Reach the soul of what you seek

So why fixate upon our death
When the path is glorious lit?
We reach our zenith, then we set
Coal to diamond, bit by bit.

It’s not a curse, mortality,
Let your heady life hold sway,
Then on the waves of eternity
Like sandcastles we’ll fade away



In no way am I the first person to think about our wasted hurried lives (except maybe in an alternate dimension, on Catopia). And I definitely won’t be the last. Our textbooks and Newsfeeds are littered with quotes and pictures reminding us of how fast the days are passing us by.

How often do we actually let the realization kick in, though? We wake up, hit the snooze button and fall out of bed. Run to our schools/jobs/gyms and slot into the daily routine, till we fall into bed and repeat again. How often do we register the fact that it’s a new day? A day gone by,a day less lived?

We don’t all need to morph into super intellectual philosophers, or sit down on street corners with guitars and daisy chains (though maybe I would, if I could play anything except twinkle, twinkle). Nor should we chuck everything out of the window and run to Ibiza on the Pineapple express.  All we really need to do is take a moment. Realize our own evanescence. You’re not going to live forever. You have a finite number of days to go through. How do you want to use them now?

All I’m asking is, take a beat and think. We live in a concrete jungle, but look out for that flower in the sidewalk. Go out barefoot in the dew. Paddle in a pond and feed the ducks. Before you know it, you’ll be looking back on these little things, because these really are the big things.

I happened to do just that today. Plonked my books on a bench, sat down in the grass and watched the sunset. Totally worth the grass stains on my heels. Best ten minutes of the entire day, now that I think back.

So whatever your version of that is, take a moment. Go on out and take a moment for yourself, just yourself in tune with the world around you. Go on and sit in the grass.

Love and light,



13 thoughts on “Take a moment

  1. The Soul of Alma says:

    I could not agree more and call this making the most of every moment of engagement; full faced and completely sentient living with Divine Nature and all the gifts miraculously there just beckoning us to fully partake in. Lovely premise to not just strive, but to completely and wholeheartedly thrive…<3…thanks dear Cookie!


  2. pjb1943 says:

    It took me a lot of years to reach the level of conciousness you wrote about, Cookie, but I fully espouse it each and every day now. I live for those “moments”. Really nicely written and a great post.


    • Thank you Paul. 🙂 I won’t pretend to have the concept completely within my grasp, but I’m learning it. What’s more, I’m enjoying learning to “learn” myself and the world around me too. It’s quite refreshing, and as you say, life is within these moments…

      Hope you have a great day! 😀


  3. beeseeker says:

    Take your shoes off and stand for a few moments, bare footed in grass (hint: works better in spring and summer). good piece, glad I found It.


  4. Madsies says:

    This one’s another Absolute favorite of mine….!
    Doing all the little things in life, I believe that’s what makes you big. ❤


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  6. drew delaney says:

    Wow! This is really an inspiring poem and some grand advice. I did just that today. I went out looking for a particular flower even though there is still snow and ice everywhere. I looked for the nice things I could find. When I got home, I put all my pics on the computer and got busy making them beautiful. Fun day for me!! Nice poem and I see you are a prolific poet. Awesome!!!


    • Thank you so much! Sounds like you had a pretty satisfying day! 🙂 I took a little of my own advice and spent the entire day with my best friend. Fun! 🙂

      Ps. Welcome to Calliope’s Lyre! *hugs!*


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