I saw her passing me today 
a girl I knew, or thought I did.
In five years that we have re-met,
She has walked by without a whit 
Of recognition, eyes unseeing 
Cant, or won’t acknowledge us
Two children who played at dolls
Innocence touched now with rust 
And tainted with age and pride, 
Which she falls on to explain 
And reason her demeanor with, 
She blames me, holds in disdain
For being in her perfect world 
Knowing her weakness, deficits 
All polished beauty and veneer
What used to be pigtails and clips
The odd crushes and teen boy bands 
Is she scared I’ll give away 
Her imperfections growing up?
Or maybe that I might betray 

The not so lofty origins 

From whence we came here to be 
But while I would smile at her 
It seems she is ashamed of me 
Or rather, of what I stand for 
A reminder of some grey past 
Which mars her glittering present
Blots her Now with shadows cast
From yesterday, and long before 
When we were but two little girls 
Who knew each other at a school 
Which was our hidden magic world 
I am not hurt, but yes, confused
Who are you, and who am I? Who
Are we in dim memory?
Those days lost, the years flown by
Puzzles me this gap, fracture
Enigma of a broken friend 
All we’d need is a shared look 
How then did familiarity end? 
© CM
  We’ve all known at least one person-neighbor, high school classmate or junior, that freckly guy who worked the shift with you, who you ran into a couple of years or a couple of kids later. Instead of a wave ( really, no one expects them to fall into my arms crying), you get a flash of recognition and a scurry in the opposite direction. Erm, what just happened?
 With facebook, twitter, reddit, any and all the social networking sites, most of us have more ‘friends’ we know what to do with. The whole definition of the word stands drastically redefined. So are those thirty seven people who ‘liked’ your new picture your friends, or that one guy you’ll call to drunkenly promise you’re never, ever going to drink again? 
 And then you have another category. The hot friends cooling. The scurriers who seem to be embarassed by your entry into their new, polished world. Because, you know, you’ve known them before the glitz and the glamour happened. You’ve seen them as a spotty kid (heck, you were one yourself!) You’ve seen the phase where they thought nothing is cooler than pigtails and barettes, or those years where they worshipped Michael Jackson when everyone knew the Spice girls was where it’s at (or maybe that was just me.. heh).
 At the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter. In the long scheme of things, they’re just somebody that you used to know (shoutout to Gotye, good man!) We all have interlinked lives. All the world’s a stage, we play our lives out and move on. The good, the bad and the plain ol’ ugly happens to all of us. When confronted with reminders of a past you don’t want to remember, it’s up to you- Will you tuck your tail between your legs and sidle away? Or give it a nod with your head held high?
 You’re you now. Unstoppable, unflappable, unfallible you. And nothing and no one is going to take you down. Not even your old crush. 
Love and light,

6 thoughts on “Estrangement

  1. Madsies says:

    Goosebumps. ❤


  2. Fuzzy Bear says:

    You don’t need friends. You can be my friend!! 😀


  3. domtakis says:

    This rang true for me, I’ve experienced it many times when I run into old friends in the hometown. It is always slightly awkward, choosing words to describe our current lives when we held a specific place in each other’s myth. It’s like revisiting a beloved film only to realize you picked up the re-make, complete with different actors!


    • Yes, yes exactly. It can’t be put better than that. Some people are always the same, and I’m lucky enough to know a few. The rest.. lol, well. Thank you for the comment and for following. I really appreciate it. 🙂


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