The Visitation




The visitation 

He came to me, benevolent gaze, 
In the quiet of the Night
And lit my darkened aura with 
His perpetual unceasing light.
He held and touched, caressed and soothed, 
He had so much, so much to give, 
 Shamed me, his sheer unselfishness,
He would die for me to live..
Every look held infinite depth, 
Those eyes that saw to the ends of me, 
Yet completely reassured 
My brokenness, my infirmity..
And put his palm upon my brow, 
From there he kissed upon my heart, 
And with his murmured words of love,
All the hurt was torn apart..
I slept enshrined, and woke sublime,  
But cannot wait this day to be through
For when dark falls and Morpheus calls, 
His visitation will make me new…. 



Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


4 thoughts on “The Visitation

  1. Madsies says:

    Happy V Day! 😀


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