Me and I


Me and I

I turn to look at my reflection
But I don’t know who you are,
I’ve lived years with this person
And we’ve come along so far,
But the bouts of introspection
Always end similarly, I
Could look in the mirror forever, 
Yet that me’s nowhere to see 

Maybe it’s all for a reason
Something to work for, attain,
But throughout, season by season,
Sometimes it all feels in vain
Despite the dissatisfaction,
This much I will self, concede,
I may not have all that I want
But I do have what I need.

And gazing past place and creed,
I can reconcile with this, that
Judging just by manner, method,
I have done nothing amiss.
As long as I can sleep at night
Don’t have to look like a gem
As long as I trust character,
I think I’ll like who I am.


If there was something in my life that I could change, or erase forever, hmm. That’s a tough one. It’s not that nothing springs to mind. On the contrary, there’s an immediete jumble of lemming memories rushing to jump off into oblivion. The conundrum is, do I really want to cut any part of my life out?

I mean, we’ve spoken about this before. Good or bad, all parts of you make you the ‘you’ you are. Personally, the whole roundabout paradox makes my head spin. If I erase a part of my memories, then I’m essentially removing an incident and it’s influence on who I am today. And in that case, who’s to say I would still choose the same way?

It’s not all a Big Bang Theory-esque thought process. Probably, once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away, there was a me who could make the call. Right here and now, I’m very much a chicken when it comes to emotional matters.

Although…. Maybe I could erase the swimming pool incident? Hmm, nope. That one helped lay the foundation for my high heel obsession. I think I’m good with it, cheers. 🙂

If there was something you could erase from your life, at the risk of altering yourself, what would it be?

Share away!

Cookie ❤

Ps. This is where the topic came from. Thanks guys!

24 thoughts on “Me and I

  1. Marisa says:

    Fantastic poem! Loved it


  2. Madsies says:

    As long as I can sleep at night
    Don’t have to look like a gem
    As long as I trust character,
    I think I’ll like who I am.
    I love these Lines! ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀

    If I were to Erase something from the past, that'd be definitely the day I did 21 Guns.
    (Curse that B****** who made me to that!!)


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  7. Sand says:

    Despite the here-we-go-round-and-round, despite all the mistakes and sins, despite all the horrors and miseries, despite the myriad things I regret and deplore, I don’t think I’d change much. The cost would be far too heavy. I guess it’s a good thing I can’t go back and rewrite my life. I might be tempted beyond my power to resist and how many eventual ‘goods’ would be lost in deleting all those ‘bads’? Nope, not worth it.


    • Exactly, Sand. That was just what i thought too. Whether or not an incident was ‘big’ or ‘small’, the impact it leaves behind cannot be measured as easily.
      Thank you for stopping by! =)

      ❤ ❤ ❤


  8. purple says:

    Hello my purple friend again (hey that rhymes) dropped in to see whats new and I really enjoyed this one. I also liked how you shared after the poem and gave us something to think about ourselves. Erasure is a wonderful idea prompt that I am sure we could all write about. (ummm I must have missed the swimming pool incident, am searching your blog LOL) Always worth the visit to your blog! Take care.


    • Well, hello there! =)

      Lol, let me make that easier for you. The *ahem* swimming pool incident was me test driving my first pair of high heels at a pool party. A family friend asked me if I was havin trouble walking in them, and I pooh-poohed him saying that I was used to them.

      Yeah.. Five minutes later I was floundering in the shallow end of ye grande pool. That my friend, is the swimming pool story. =P

      Have a great day, one purple to another! =)


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  10. PapaBear says:

    Would I change anything??? Yes but no…, maybe, maybe not…, I think I don’t know…. Decisions, decisions, decisions… Naa, it would be too much bother.


  11. You are flying dear one! love it! 🙂


  12. Bill Shultz says:

    To answer your closing question, the word birth comes to mind. 🙂 I even have reasons for this and it is a serious answer.

    I have written many poems on this same subject…Are you happy, (not necessarily content) with who you are? And if you are, remember you had to live every day of your life, taste ever grain of salt and pepper, to become you. I like who I am, but I don’t care what others think about me…I do care much more about how I feel about others….ALL OTHERS. If I can do something to buoy the spirits of someone else, I’ll stand in line in a thunder storm to do it…..I know the emptiness of living without being loved…and I have an abundance of love begging to be released. So I share it….willingly, even where it isn’t needed.

    I really don’t care who I am..but i do care who you are…if that makes any sense to you…This poem seems to struggle with that issue…It awakens things that need to be examined. Another brilliant scribe from your most capable pen…. I’ll not call you Ma’am anymore…gonna change dat to Homer…or maybe Socrates. I like the ol’ socker.

    “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing


    • Haha Bill!!! I should’ve known! That quote is right up there in my top list! =)

      And no worries, i can understand what you mean completely. Our lives are by no means an isolated tangle. They’re complexly interwoven with everyone we touch on a daily, monthly, or even a once in a lifetime, isolated incident. When we look at that factor, picking one incident or person becomes nigh impossible. Or maybe some people are certain of what they can erase. I most certainly am not! =P

      I love reading your comments! Thanks for stopping by! =D


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