To the Edge and Back





To the Edge and Back..



I found myself strolling down an
Uncertain paved avenue. where
Hazy figures moved around, and
Pearly mist shrouded their face
Surprisingly not surprised, I
Watched them with some detachment
For the sake of observation
Sat down on the embankment

There seemed to be a distinction
In the crowd, they seemed to know
With certainty, what their path, and
Where it was they had to go
While most of them seemed satisfied
Whatever up ahead loomed
Some shuffled on with dragging steps
In manner of impending doom

And yet another lot, confused
Going in circles, pacing ’round
Crossing in zigzagging paths but
Mute and deaf to breath and sound
No one here knew each other
And what is more, they did not care
Seeing right through everything
In vapid, blank eyed, empty stares

Just as likely, no one saw me
And I doubt they felt at all
The clattering stones ‘neath their feet
Or cold and clammy, damp rid walls
Neither the sun in straggled beams
That here, there would filtered glow
Not onto ground, but all around
The odd placid passer, and show
A wavering but sedate smile,
As though he’d known peace awhile.


So I watched them all go by,
Some shamefaced and abashed, contrite
Some with the joy of sunny beams,
Others the horrors of the night
And when a door opened ahead,
Beckoning to a glare so bright
There I got up, and bid farewell
And then I walked on back to life.





10 thoughts on “To the Edge and Back

  1. PapaBear says:

    Sounds like somewhere I’ve been a couple of times, except there were familiar faces in the light. Very provocative piece, Cookie. Nice!


  2. Madsies says:

    ❤ The Picture is Gloomy yet Beautiful. Imagination runs wild with your poetry…


  3. Bill Shultz says:

    First and foremost, you detail the confusion of life….The unsettled feelings that we often allow to take over our mind set leading us down paths that we really don’t want to travel…To me, your poem includes the ups and downs of the manic depressive. The joys and the horrors of life that all of us meet somewhere along the path. I remember losing my first love…crushing at the time…but today it brings a smile…You kind of put all of us on an even playing field with the first part of the poem.. Then you realize what is happening and you try to ease back into the flow of a tolerable existence.

    Finally you come up with your Killer close…That final paragraph knocked my socks off, and I have big feet so that is not an easy task…

    “Beckoning to a glare so bright
    There I got up, and bid farewell
    And then I walked on back to life.”

    I so love those lines…make me want to hug you…figuratively of course… They are brilliant and bring the whole poem to a fitting climax….


    • Thank you Bill! =D or shall I say, Sir Bigfoot? =) Its a delight for me to even get the chance to knock your socks off, and that you liked my poem so much, I can foresee a conga round the room in my near future! (I’m psychic, see?) =P

      But yes. I was trying to weave two stories in one in this poem, and I’m happy that both are visible… Just like the Wider field, which was a double prompt too, I made this one a personal double prompt..

      I’m glad you liked it! Woot! =)


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