You Will Come






You will come


You will come to me
Whether or not you like it
Whether or not you think it
Whether or not you know it,
You will come to me

You will come to me
When your bones scream in protest
No matter what you’ve professed
Even if you’ve confessed
You will come to me

You will lie to me
With practiced, perfect diction
To make a fact of fiction
Bolstering your depiction
You will lie to me

You will say to me,
This was never done,
That you’d never reckoned
And now your voice you shun
But you will say to me

And you will pray to me
Begging for my mercy
Pleading for that heady
Rush I give, but maybe,
So you will pray to me

And you will come to me
When nothing more is left
Unhinged and crazed, bereft
Your mind huddled in clefts
Then you will come to me


You will come to me..









24 thoughts on “You Will Come

  1. purple says:

    I am stubborn, I WON’T COME! So there. Loved the structure and the dark tone of this, even if I am sticking my tongue out and shaking my head and saying ut uh, nope, I won’t.


  2. PapaBear says:

    Just saw this unfold in front of me, Em, …every word, every line. It’s not a pretty process, but it’s life’s way of ending on this earth.


    • PapaBear says:

      “Em” meant Cookie. Sorry! I’m still running around in circles here, closing this, cancelling that…etc. If you asked me my name right now I’m not sure you’d get the same answer twice in a row! I really liked the way you brought some of the emotional duplicity to bear, also the essence of prayer and pleading. Wasn’t a happy piece, but a good one.


      • Thank you Paul, and no worries. =) today seems to be the day of typing mistakes. Just earlier my sister meant to me tell me that she’s ‘home already’, but autocorrect flipped it into ‘homoerotic’. Best laugh I’ve had in days! =)

        Thank you so much for stopping by. I can imagine, how many things you must be dealing with at the same time. The very fact that you still stopped hey to read my post is incredibly sweet of you. Thank you! And do take care! =)



  3. Madsies says:

    Powerful. 0_o ❤


  4. andy1076 says:

    So powerful and at the same time? Beautiful 🙂


  5. segmation says:

    Nice blog and awesome picture! Thanks for sharing.


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  8. Powerful poem! Dripping with darkness 🙂


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