The Button


The Button

My Button’s stuck up in a tree
And yowling away ceaselessly
Now I told him not to, but see
My Button’s stuck up in a tree

My Button’s bullying the neighbor’s dog
Though he’s the size of a hedgehog
Mocking the giant, confused Mastiff
My Button’s bullying the neighbor’s dog

My Button’s in the shelves again
And running, little choo choo train
Pushing the books off like rain
My Button’s in the shelves again

My Button’s brought a cricket in
Shrilly proclaiming his chagrin
When Longlegs skips, runs out on him
My Button’s brought a cricket in

My Button just won’t eat his food
The fish ‘n’ chicken’s been reviewed
The Tasty Treat’s long been pooh poohed
My Button just won’t eat his food

My Button’s finally asleep
Right on the laptop, breathing deep
A fluffy tabby snoring heap
My Button’s finally asleep.


Writing about animals that play a role in my life, lol. I could start a whole blog just on that one topic. =P

This particular Button was my cat, dare I call her that, having the last laugh on me. A surprise pregnancy right before the scheduled date for her fixin’, two kittens, one of whom was the finest at birth I’ve seen yet.

That teeny weeny size and his predisposition for .. ahem .. Indigestion, shall we say, is why we named him Button. And since his mom is fluffy white cat, there’s a tabby tomcat somewhere who needs to pay child support. Bad kitty! >=(

The only reason I wrote about peanut here is because he’s chewing my toes as I speak type. The other cats and dogs and bird(s) are just as deserving of having their own posts. That was originally one reason I added the Purring category. Methinks it’s time to feed that folder too!!

So! I found a button! And what about you? What’s the pet that you would write about? =)

Love and light
(and a little purring)

Cookie ❤



31 thoughts on “The Button

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  2. dmauldin53 says:

    Beautiful Cat Picture. Love the Scratch Posts! Looks like my legs and arms. 🙂


  3. Bill Shultz says:

    My last cat, many years ago, was too smart for his own britches. There was a shelf above door height and next to the door in my quarters in Germany. It seems Blacky could tell time. I’d walk in after work and she’d nail me by flying off of the shelf onto my back and head every night…beat me up for leaving her alone all day…She was a great cat.

    I like your poem and you should do more of these…This type of poetry would be great for a children’s book….It is sweet, easy to read on a child’s level or for an adult to read to a child…You have many talents…I enjoy reading you….


    • Hahah smart kitty! 😀 my cat’s figured out what a remote is. Every time she wants the heat up or the cooler on, she gets busy!

      Funny you said that, because I do have a children’s book of sorts already. I made one for my sister (remember the doodle on my wall? More of those in a book)

      I dont often write lighter stuff… Mostly because not too much light stuff happens to me, lol. I will try though, and I will post them for sure! =)


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  5. Selina says:

    Love this poem, it trips along wonderfully. Button sounds like great company 😛


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  7. purple says:

    Awwww I applaud the poem and the future poems!! I have enjoyed writing a few poems about my own Isabelle lately and I think pets deserve as much praise/love as we can give them … even in poems!


  8. PapaBear says:

    Button sounds a bit like my Lily, except Lily has learned that the old man gets really crochety if she scratches. Really liked the poem, Cookie. Will save it to read to my grandkids.


    • Thank you so much, Paul! I’m really happy that you would think of doing that! So’s button, I shall definitely tell him this as well. =) none of my other kids is a biter or a scratcher, but Button’s a little hellcat when the food bowl’s empty lol. Wonder where he gets it from…


      • PapaBear says:

        “the food bowl” God forbid it should EVER be empty. You never hear the end of it ! One teaching tool I used for the scratching (if you can catch them before they scratch) is a spray bottle of water (unless he likes the water – most cats don’t). I can’t complain too much. Lily is a pretty good little girl. Part of it could be that he IS a male ! They’re a bit more agressive.


      • Ah yes, he’s a lil tiger, probably the testosterone kicking in. His mother was the only girl in a litter of five too, and it’s a fact that single female embryos are far more aggressive than many females in a litter, since they get exposed to a lot more testosterone in utero.. All that aside, it’s awesome to watch the tiny one keep the big ones on their toes! =D


  9. Oooh! Button really is as cute as a button!


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  11. Madsies says:

    Awwww Cute Pictureee! 😀
    Enjoyable Poetry! 🙂
    And one of you’re Cats is so much into Scratch Posts..!


  12. Sand says:

    I have never successfully written about one of the cats though I’ve tried. I certainly enjoyed this one.


  13. I believe cats own you not vice versa
    where on your site do I find the like button?


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