The Shed Skin


The Shed Skin

Breakfast in my backyard’s
Always quite an adventure.
The oddest things will happen
A scheming wily fake purr

Pleading to be let out
“Oh, do let me stalk birds!”
Or the dogs will find a toy and
Romp and then run home burred

Or like, as with tea today, in a
Contemplative mood, I
Sat and thought of the winter
The year past, not really brood

But just think, in just a wink
The months are flying fast by
And with a stirring warm breeze
Something tiny caught my eye

There perched on green leaves
A little white shadow sat
While the owner hopped and ran
Lest he be called back

A white figment of thought, a
Perfectly formed living thing
Wise grasshopper leaving behind
All that he was outgrowing.

Thank you for your little gift
Your memory, your shed skin
Guess it is time to move on
Spring has come around again…


Yep, it’s that time of the year again. The sun’s up early, and he forces you to fall out of bed faster too. And it’s getting warmer, no more jackets. Probably you notice a slight touch of resentment. Guilty. I don’t like summers. =/

I’m a total winter person. I like my snuggly blankets, my extra chocolatey hot chocolate, my book marathons, sitting and watching the night sky, winter is when I’m happy. But right now, even thinking blankets is making me twitch. Summer is… a little meh. Too crowded, too humid and just too hot! (curse you global warming! I’m throwing all my aerosols out today!)

Even as I write this, my coffee is sitting in front of me giving me dirty looks. It’s gone from hot to warm, then from warm to lukewarm, and all I’ve done is stare at it from where I’m doing my vegetable imitation on the sofa. I think I’ll go put it in the freezer, it’ll taste better chilled anyway… In a bit, lol.

It’s not all so terrible, I know. I treated myself to a Scrubs marathon earlier, and I’m telling you, Turk was telling me, “change is inevitable, but it doesn’t always have to be bad”. I hear you, mate.

On that note, I think I’m going to he a little positive about this year. I can look forward to the beach, all the pina coladas, if I try… So! Feel Spring, think Spring, be spring! Or at least just get off the couch springs, that coffee is definitely going to throw the vase at me, any minute now.

Cheers all!

Cookie ❤


15 thoughts on “The Shed Skin

  1. Madsies says:

    Pleasant Poem! ❤
    Yeah, Summer's hitting on us! But look at the bright side…., time to dust off the Water Guns! 😀 And yo I Love Pina Colada! XD


  2. Sahm King says:

    Maybe it’s just how I read this, but I like the freedom of how this flows. There’s something…relaxing about this poem.


    • Thanks so much, Sahm. You put your finger right on the vibe. Admittedly this is one of my more calm poems. It was a good day, and a pleasant surprise. Thanks so much for commenting, and welcome to my blog! =)

      Cookie =)


  3. PoppySilver says:

    Lovely! Wish Spring would happen here lol


  4. PapaBear says:

    Hi Cookie,
    Well, we’re never too sure about spring around here. Have seen tulips coming out of snowbanks at eastertime before and snow in April. This year is weird. Should be in the 50s and has been in the 30s. I used to be a winter person, until we lived for 8yrs in Florida. Since then I have refused to acclimate to the cold again. The beach, marguaritas, and a good beach band suit me just fine. Hurry up Spring! I have that same problem with coffee. Every time you want a drink of it – it’s cold. That’s great in the summer. Happy Easter to you & yours.


    • Haha I was in Florida just last summer, Paul. Have to say, you’re made of tougher stuff than me. One week in and I was so tanned, a guy at Tampa asked me if I was from Brazil. And yes. We seem to have stumbled upon some sort of coffee conspiracy! Hmmm, very interesting…

      Or maybe the heat’s finally getting to me. =P happy Easter to you and your family too! ❤



  5. lunastarla says:

    It’s a time for new beginnings. 🙂

    Btw – you have been tagged:


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  7. purple says:

    sighs contentedly … yet another entertaining, relaxing romp through one of your insightful shared moments … ahhh grasshopper … and SCRUBS and to the wisdom of leaving behind all we outgrow. PS Remind me to send you a ummm GIFT next time winter rolls around here. 🙂


    • Right now, mate, if you send me a crate of snow, I’ll be eternally grateful to you. 😛 And yes! Scrubs is really the most unconventional and underrated source of wisdom! I have Kelso’s “nothing in this world that’s worth having, comes easy” pasted on my wall.

      Thanks for the comment! Hope it’s not too hot where you are! 🙂


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