Weekly Challenge: Pitter Patter Raindrops – A Day in My Life

Before I jump in, this post is in response to the Weekly Photography Challenge, and this is basically what I look like….


From here onward the photos I’m posting are from my hush hush real world (*shhhh!!*) With a few memes thrown in, because I’m a hopeless cat picture spammer (oh my friends will attest to that, I’ve got one for every occasion). Not to mention that I’m pretty sucky at taking pictures. Other than screenshots. With screenshots, I am king!!! The topic this week is that we’re supposed to show a day of our life, and I have just the perfect poem for today too! So here goes!!

Today’s been good so far. Got up really early, fairly ravenous since I had an early dinner last night. However I was firmly in the mood for something unhealthy. It’s Saturday! I’m not planning on doing anything that’s good for me, nuh uh. Today shall be resplendent, decadent and a wee bit lazy… Yep!

This is my breakfast, cinnamon rolls and coffee with a splash of Hershey’s in there.


Omnomnom. But this is what I was really eating like.. =P


I hadn’t planned much for today, except kicking back. After a heavy duty exam week I needed some serious mental detox. Went out and ran a few errands, and then when I got home, a friend wanted to meet up for breakfast. Proper breakfast, lol. Followed by a movie marathon at another friend’s place. Yay!

This is my outfit for the day. My favorite shirt, and a my recent acquisition. Beige suede boots!!


Headed out with my friend, and surprise surprise!! It started raining!!!! So I dug up one  of my older poems for you all, that was just so fitting!! =D

Pitter Patter Raindrops

Pitted patter raindrops falling from the sky
Landing on my cheek n making my spirits fly!
Landing on my nose, n trickling down my chin
Pitted patter raindrops wetting me to my skin!.. 
Piles of fluffy white clouds crowded in the stormy grey
Little rainbows smiling from each peeking pale sunray =)
Walls of spray drenching me as the cars go zooming past!!.. 
I splash! In every puddle n giggle while I cross!.. 
Drops of crystal dew, silver blue, clinging to each flower…
Away with winter cobwebs, let’s welcome the summer showers!.. 
Pitted patter raindrops falling in the pouring rain.. 
And now that I’m all dry I’m gonna go get wet again!!..
=D =D
Well, so change of plans and we headed back to my house, and this is what my yard looks like right now! As one of my friends would say, it rained diamonds!! =D
 you can see part of the tiny natural stream that runs around in my backyard
And this is what the view is, from my window! Green supreme! 
Aaaaand that’s what my day’s been like today. I’m going to hit the books for a bit now (yes on my day off. I’m a nerd and proud!  =P ) I’m leaving you with this absolute gem I found.
Yes yes I’m awful. Toodles for now! =D
Cookie ❤

20 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge: Pitter Patter Raindrops – A Day in My Life

  1. Sand says:

    Thank you for the sweet glimpse into your day. I enjoyed it very much. What could be better than a cinnamon, chocolate and coffee breakfast? And bamboo out the window provides a very nice ‘Calgon take me away’ escape to exotic places. I’m trying to remember if I ever wore heels with a tour shirt but I swear I can’t remember ever doing so. And those boots are yummy but not so good for rainy weather.

    I love the poem, especially the ending. It’s a delight and my own passion for rain probably contributed some but mostly you imbued this one with so much spirit it’s irresistible.

    Thanks for the cat comics. I got a really big grin from them.


    • Hello Sand! =)

      Thanks so much! Haha yea, I pretty much wear heels all day. When you don’t have too many inches to spare, a few extra in the stilts are always good. Also I fall a lot in flats. No idea why, I just do. =P I always find band shirts work better with skinnies and ankle boots. I did save the boots today tho! Stashed them in my friend’s car and splashed around barefoot. =P

      And ha! I should’ve known you’re a rain person! You’re just as fresh and bubbly as a new spring! =D

      ❤ ❤


      • Sand says:

        Oh, you are so a girl after my heart. Barefootin’ is heaven. I only put shoes on when it’s unavoidable which, now that I’m retired, is very VERY seldom. And I think I must always have been a rain person. Right up until maybe ten or fifteen years ago I was still running outside to dance whenever there was a thunderstorm. Strangely it was one of my idiosyncrasies that my husband found ‘endearing’. LOL I’d be out there dancing like an escaped lunatic and he’d be in the doorway or on the porch, shaking his head and smiling. I’d be grinning right back at him. Love is beautiful, even among the crazies.


      • Oh my Sand, that’s exactly what I do!!!! I always dance in the rain, every opportunity I get! Le fiancé thinks I’m a nut, but that’s pretty much an established fact. =P there’s this one time I remember, when I was in class with my friends. It started raining so heavily out of nowhere! Me and my friends snuck out and strolled around in the parking lot getting soaked. Half an hour later when college got out, we were standing there looking like we’d taken a swim! =D

        Ps. Just a tip! Ever try eating an ice lolly in the rain? I guarantee you’ll love it!! =D


  2. purple says:

    I love the cat n camera pic AWESOME!!


  3. PapaBear says:

    Exams over, Saturday… How many excuses do you need to celebrate?
    Oxidants happen!!! Very cute !
    Spring is sprung
    The grass is riz
    Wonder where
    The flowers is…
    Happy Spring, Cookie…, and Happy Easter.


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  5. Noma9 says:

    Haha, yes, another cat spammer! I’m a bit of the same way, except my day was spent being spammed BY cats. Sounds like you had a really fun day, thanks for sharing that. Oh, and I have to say that I LOVE those boots, they’re killer.


    • Haha thanks Noma, it was a good day! I got lucky, how lame would it have been if it was laundry day? =P and I know right? I’m not really a girly girl, but I got those boots at a ridiculously low price! Enough to get anyone to jump up and down! =D =D


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  8. Madsies says:

    Cinnamon Rolls N Hershey’s sounds Yum! Im craving some now (And im fulla Hungryyy!!! )
    Them Shirt n Boots are Dope, am sure you totally Rocked em! 😉
    The poem is beautiful ❤ U know how I love the rain! ❤ And too bad, I missed it! The Pictures from your rain-touched backyard and the Window view are OooooooooooooooooooooooH! ❤
    And that Chemistry Pic is way too Funnnnnnnnnnny!
    "Let the Rain wash away, all the pain of yesterday.."


    • Hahaha thanks Madsies!! See I left my new most awesome ever shirt in McSheesh’s car! Would’ve worn that for sure otherwise, and it woulda looked awesome too! =D =D

      And yeeessss! We still have to do a rain dance together! That goes on the to-do list!! =D


  9. Netta says:

    Most beautiful poetry…..enjoy it so much.


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