Tanka Tinkle


Tanka Tinkle

I have a hanker
To tinker with a tanka
For the prompt today
But I couldn’t be blanker
About what all I should say

A meaningless rhyme
Is a waste of everyone’s time
And I can’t do that
Bad poems are a crime, and
Should be junked right off the bat

It would be a lie
To say that I didn’t try
To make the lines straight
I’ve even tried to bribe, but
It didn’t please or placate

 Thoughts all stuttering
On syllables sputtering
In blunders abound
Don’t mock at my suffering
Ah well, It’s the thought that counts


I tried! I tell you, I tried!!! The prompt for Day Eleven asked to write a tanka, and I thought, hmm, well I’ve been avoiding them long enough, might as well give it a shot. I’m ridiculously tanka/haiku/waka impaired. Anything that has asymmetrical syllable counts throws me wayyy off balance. It makes me twitchy. Twitchy!!

So after wrasslin’ with a brain who’s been giving me an internal kicking, a syllable counter who I know hates me, and a very very uncooperative tanka, we have my first and possibly final attempt at writing them. This is my face right now.


And this is what I’ll be doing till tomorrow’s prompt comes along.


Bckdwgivp2k’;nb1efhvw dclq.ebfvl.aqdlmnbc/lh, hmpf!!!!!


Cookie ❤


33 thoughts on “Tanka Tinkle

  1. MT BLU says:

    Hahahahahaha.. You’re nuts, I like that. 🙂


  2. okeating says:

    Haha! Well done. My tanka was awful so I’m not posting it. I just wrote something else and posted that!


  3. MT BLU says:

    Reblogged this on LIFE AND LOVE and commented:
    And just like that, Le Cookie Monstah earned her “pews”. lolol..


  4. Poetkatie says:

    Lol, I too find syllable counting a pain, especially as sequencing doesn’t come easy for my dyslexic brain 🙂


  5. PapaBear says:

    Cookie, this was such fun to read…, good, bad, or otherwise…, it was totally enyoyable. When I write poetry I don’t pay any attention to syllabic count or anything like that. I write it, I read it out loud, and, if it sounds good, I leave it alone. Somehow it seems to work out ok…, most of the time ! The fact that someone liked what you wrote well enough to read it is the important thing…, and I liked it !


  6. This is neat! You did a great job. I love the pictures as well. Especially the last one, couches are so understanding!
    God Bless,


    • Thank you so much! This is the first time I’ve written a tanka, and might just be the last too.. Meh. If only couch was a poetry form. =P

      Thank you for reading, and welcome to Calliope’s Lyre. =)


      Ps. That’s a really handsome horse! =)


      • Thank you, I’m pretty found of her as well.

        “Tanka? No Thank Ya” is probably the first, only, and last tanka I’ll ever write too. I think the only thing worse than writing a tanka is writing sonnets in iambic pentameter! (I really, really hate writing sonnets.)

        God Bless,


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  9. purple says:

    I love writing tankas, and yours was a joy to read as well. Dare to stretch and try new things … ya might be surprised.


  10. I like the format here so much better than elsewhere! Way to go Cookie!


  11. Madsies says:

    This was Enjoyable! 😉 Funny Pics ROFL!


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