The Wrong Love



The Wrong Love



You weren’t supposed to be there
It was not your face, that I needed
I know I love you in different ways
This isn’t how I wanted it.

You kissed me, said you missed me, but
God, what were you even thinking?
All that urgency, all the pain..
I suppose you’d been drinking

There’s no way you could’ve done it
Without chemical courage to
Boost your strength and strength of will
I could but didn’t know what to do

But I did, you see, that’s wrong
I shouldn’t have seen you this way
This is not meant to be our song
Even this dream moment betrays

Everything, everyone we love
If it happened, what would we do??
Its not something unheard of but yes
We will forever hold taboo

I never slept, I never woke,
I never walked with you out there
We never drove away together
Your neck, my shoulder, never bared

You did not put your arm around me
You did not hug me so tight
It never, you never happened!!
Going beyond all thats right..

I never cradled your sweet face, no
This dream I’ll unthink, undo
Despite what my subconscious wants
I cannot, I do not love you..





Hello everyone. 🙂


Day Twelve of NapoWrimo! I swear, time is flying like a late goose on amphetamines, no joke. Today’s prompt suggested a poem about something you wanted to say, but hadn’t said ever. I started off with a very forgettable poem, and eight lines in I hit delete. Then this one came along, and I was a bit happier with it.

The Wrong Love. Admittedly, the name evokes a variegated palette of images, some shocking and some just heart breaking. I will not tell you which one or which ones I intended it to be about, and trust me, there’s a few different pictures in there. Please do share what it makes you think about. I want to make sure every image, disturbing  or otherwise, makes it to the surface, and I will change the words later if they are not expressive enough…



One heckuva curious

Cookie ❤


10 thoughts on “The Wrong Love

  1. Madsies says:

    My Heart Sinks reading this poem. Seriously does. This poem is Saddening.
    There’s this person you Heart, this person Hearts you back but not as much as you do. You are Overbalancing all the time, killing yourself for that person, but the person fails to realize…that’s what I portray from this poem.
    You are super talented….<3


  2. Kojo Turkson says:

    The last line sounds too hush for a lady who has devoted her love to a man. It takes so much courage for a woman to first tell a man “I love you” in my culture. Probably which is why I see it this way. But on a whole, your poem is great. Keep it up!


    • Thank you so much, Kojo! That’s quite an interesting point of view. I’m very intrigued, would such a girl be allowed to be with the man she’s devoting herself to?

      Thanks so much for commenting! =)


  3. PapaBear says:

    I saw a woman’s dream invaded by a man, while attractive and desireable, not able to sincerely commit without help from something outside himself, not the man she was hoping to find in her dream. Thought provoking, Cookie.


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