The Voice of Whiskers


Finally! A post of my own!! Hoo’s in charge now? 😀


Note: All matter submitted today is propurrty of Mister Whiskers. Le Cookie Monstah is .. shall we say.. indisposed… *muahahahaha!!!* >=D



The Voice of Whiskers


Ah, you bore me, all of you
With your incessant chattering,
All this is simply much ado,
Don’t you know, without me, nothing
Matters at all, why, my hairball
Has more significance than, say
That messy furry four legged mutt
You take out for walks every day

You think that you’re so big, so tall
Ha, you think you’re lord of the house
You live in my territory and
Have worth no more than a mouse
You think yourself so smart, human,
Try to feed me fake tuna tins?
I dare you to replace my noms
I’ll puke everywhere but the bin!

What’s that you say, get off the couch?
Oh please, it’s time to manicure
My claws, so don’t be such a grouch
How much nagging must I endure?
‘Get off the laptop!’ ‘My tv!!!’
‘Mister Whiskers! Come on down here!’
‘Who has pooped in the living room?’
And ‘what’s that ripping sound I hear?’

Really human, you do forget
What your place is, it’s at my feet,
You’re but a subservient pet,
Just meant to cuddle on your knees
When you aren’t feeding me or
Fetching me a new tasty treat,
So look sharp! And get up now!
I need to lounge but on your seat!

Oh I suppose, I can be kind,
As a species, somewhat evolved
Further along the line than you,
I know your dreary lives revolve
Around the wonder that is me,
All magnificent white whiskers,
Framed in the sheen of furred glory
I guess I could be less brisker

Oh fine, alright, come pick me up
You may hold me in your warm lap,
But, if you dare stop rubbing,
Ill bless you with a scratch and snap.
Do go and fetch my catnip toy,
We have some purring work to do,
I know you love me, heart and soul
For that I may deign to love you.



©CM, for MW



Ahem. I temporarily have my laptop back, but one of their royal Hignesses will be needing it back soon. Day Fourteen of NaPoWriMo, and today was absolutely the most fun so far, since the prompt let me kick back and let some one else take over. I have nine little fuzzballs, with some visitors, so I’m a certified crazy cat lady. To be the extent that my dog’s almost a crazy cat lady too. We know who’s in charge, and so do they. 😛 



I’m being chased off again. Apparently there’s a gallery of pictures to be posted, for hoomins not quick enough to catch the message in the words. And obviously, that includes me too. 


Like these, for instance. 




Yes hoomin, we saves your lives every day.




Sure, you can try to tell us what to do. Never gonna work anyway..




You feeds us toona and nothing but toona!!!



We wuvs anything we feels like, except you.



Oh okay, fine. Sometimes we luv you too. 🙂


Lots of purrs to you, 


Cookie and Mister Whiskers ❤ 




8 thoughts on “The Voice of Whiskers

  1. Madsies says:

    Awwwww! This poem is so Sweeet! XD Wuv Wuv!
    Your lil fuzzballs are so adorable….<3
    The Cattie pics are an Awesome Bonus!!

    P.S. You are Indeed the Greatest-Biggest-Awesomest-Crazy-Cat-Lady ever! 😀


  2. Sand says:

    Fun poem and I love the cat pics.


  3. PapaBear says:

    LilyCat would comment but she’s much too comfortable, curled up on the back of a plush sofa in the setting sun. Loved the poem, Cookie.


  4. Hi again,
    I just wanted to let you know that you’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award. Click the link for full details.
    God Bless,


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