Now You’re Gone





Now You’re Gone


There is so much I should’ve said
When we both had the time
I tossed and turned alone in bed
Didn’t read between the lines
Didn’t take a chance to make a stance
And pour it out to you
And now it’s come, now you’re gone,
There’s nothing I can do…

I didn’t have the spine for it
I lack a backbone still
To give a voice to all the words
I didn’t have my fill, of
Watching your haunting green eyes
Rove over, take me in,
And now you’re gone, and now i see
I love you more than sin

I love you more than life itself
I love you like the dawn
That all forgives the sun’s betrayal
Suffers all night, on
A thread of hope that day will come
And dawn over the hills
But now you’re gone, now, you see,
The days too leave me chilled.

The days too leave me chilled, my love,
My bones freeze in the cold
The blood is turned to ice by that
Which I left told, untold
And in each letter, that I write,
I call your name again,
But now you’re gone, you’re gone my love,
I call your name in vain,

The seas are full, the sands are drowned,
The shores are washed, replaced,
And I forget what I look like,
But hold on to you face,
Your touch that was my last solace,
I feel like air in me,
But now you’re gone, so far away,
And lost you are to me..

I leave the fates to stack the cards
And deal them as they wish,
I’d give my all, I’d sell myself,
To be saved this anguish,
And there is nothing left to do,
But suffer what I’ve done,
For now you’re gone, that now you’re gone,
And i am left alone…









Hello everyone. 🙂


Halfway through the month already, wow. It’s was an odd day and night, but still fun, loads of fun. I’m exhausted in a good way even after a decent few hours’ sleep and my liquid weight in coffee. Still in a good way though, ask me how I feel about it in three hours. 😛




I did try writing about the prompt today, but there was something that needed to be said, and you know how poems are, they will have their way. That ‘something’ being the importance of the people in your lives. Man is definitely a social animal. We need a world around us to function, we need people to love, and more essentially, we need love to live. A person who cannot love anyone is as healthy as a barren field. There will be nothing growing there, nothing flowering… However, there is always hope. Even that barren field can be worked upon, and tiny seedlings can be helped to grow, to flourish…


Just the same, there is no situation where love cannot help. It’s not necessary that you interpret that to mean hanging on in an abusive relationship, or wasting your life away when you know you won’t be acknowledged. A lot of that love, and that capacity to love, needs to be directed to you, to yourself. There is no one as deserving of your love as you, and no one as deserving of your forgiveness.


So don’t let it come to that. Make sure the people who play a major role in your life, know how important they are. It doesn’t mean you have to throw a mushfest. Tiny little things that mean infinitely more, will help you get there. So speak up, be demonstrative, and if you’re in the mood, maybe  a little dramatic too. Anything is fine, as long as you don’t let it go unsaid. Believe me, nothing will hurt you more than what  you didn’t do, what you didn’t say. Maybe it’s pride, maybe it’s ego, maybe it’s plain ol’ chickening out. If you let a loved one slipped away simply because you were too busy or too lazy, it will haunt you for years and years. These things aren’t meant to be kept bottled up in your heart. Make sure you’re out with the lot of them! 🙂


Also, a couple more things have happened, making online life as pleasant as real life. Firstly I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Gene and Donna  , and I’m ever so grateful and honored. Thank you so much guys! 🙂 I would get up and give a proper holler and whoop whoop, but I might actually just fall off. I owe you guys a proper huzzah, and it will be delivered! Thank you so much!! 😀 😀


The second thing that’s happened is equally awesome. I had entered a writing contest held by Uvi Poznansky at, for the release of her newly released book, A Favorite SonThank you so much, everyone who voted for me! I won the first prize, which is a guest interview on her site. That’s going to be up soon as well, and I’ll share the link with you when it is! There might even be a picture, so you might catch a snip of your ever so elusive Friendly Neighborhood Cookie monstah! 🙂 (I have a big head, I know, lol) 😛 😛


Aaaaand that’s all folks!

Have a supermongousmashinglyawesomepawsome day!

Cookie ❤



18 thoughts on “Now You’re Gone

  1. PapaBear says:

    This was beautifully written, Cookie…, poingnant, with a lot of raw emotion coupled with regrets that shouldn’t have been. Haven’t we all worn that shirt a time or two though? Congratulations on the award. You surely earned it.


    • Thank you Paul.. I know, regret is a powerful incentive, if nothing else can get the job done.. It’s come now that I prefer being reckless to regrets.. within limits of course.. Thanks so much for reading. 🙂 ❤


  2. PapaBear says:

    reckless is sometimes good…, if you’re careful about it !!!! Ha !


  3. Madsies says:

    Great poem, lots of pain reflecting off the words.

    Congossss on the Award And the First Place 😀 😀
    U totally deserve all that n More! ❤
    And I did have a supermongousmashinglyawesomepawsome day!


  4. webshultz says:

    Your words caress the spirit like fine silk caresses the flesh…Enchanting as your thoughts drift down the page. Dark and brooding as well. This one has it all…and I’d call it one of your best. Excellent writing Cookie. Muchly enjoyed…


  5. My little kitty cat, I’m soooooo happy and proud of all the things that you are and ever could be!!!


  6. Sahm King says:

    Ms, my hats off to you, for with the word you are some kind of genius. Don’t tell anyone I said this, but you very nearly summoned my tears. You may ask my lady, and she say that the saline flows freely, but not many inspire me with words. Not that that actually means anything…yeah. Very lovely work! 🙂


    • Thank you Sahm. I’m so glad that you found it so moving. I hate the idea of making anyone cry but.. well, thank you for your kind words. Now I hope your lady won’t ban you off my blog cause I’m making you upset. =P =) thanks so much again! =)


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  9. Really love this poem, it touched my heart.


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