The Question



The Question


I build a wall, you tear it down
And revel in the ruin
I take a walk, you pull your gun
A staccato beat tune.
I start a shop, you crash my door,
Thinking the record’s straight
Except that there’s nothing I’ve done,
And you’re just fueled by hate.

You think that you owe me revenge
For some imagined slight.
When I barely knew you at all,
Sorry, reality bites
It wasn’t me in your country
Its all the politics
And if there is a war at all,
What part have I of it?

You say your parents wrecked your life
Maybe they abused you
But does that mean you kill more kids?
Will that give you your due?
Drunk on power, you take a gun
And end so many lives
That hadn’t even just begun,
And break the ones survived?

And what, then, of the devastation
That you spread, enjoyed?
What of all the familes
That you hurt, destroyed,
How will you even justify
The massacre, the pain?
How will you face God after
All the people you’ve slain?

There is no faith, no religion
You can fall back onto,
To state a clause or give a cause
For what it is you do
In your life, in your afterlife,
For all your loved combat
There is no sense in violence
And some day, you’ll learn that.







 Hello everyone.


  After all that’s been happening in the past few days.. I have nothing but love and blessings. Stay safe, wherever you are. 


Love and light,


Cookie ❤ 



15 thoughts on “The Question

  1. andy1076 says:

    Huugs!! For all that you’ve endured 🙂


  2. PapaBear says:

    Cookie, with your permission, I’d like to copy and post a copy of this (reblog) on my site. It is so definitive of today’s world around us. All of the hate and violence is nothing short of heartbreaking. In this post you said it as well as I’ve ever seen it written/said. XX


  3. Madsies says:

    Very Powerful. The message has to Imprint. ❤


  4. Sand says:

    I grew up violent. I understand it. But the kind I understand is the kind where a person gets angry and punches another person in the nose. Whatever kind of anger it is that makes someone set a bomb or take an automatic rifle and have at dozens of anonymous people, that I just don’t get. Is it a matter of ‘*I’VE* got the power NOW and everybody’s gonna pay’? Can anyone really be so furious with a bunch of strangers?

    This is sad and terrible and beautifully said, my dear. Your heart shows through and it’s a good one.


    • Exactly Sand.. I’ve more violence than I should have, too much, too early.. But it baffles me, this repression of anger that overflows to destroy absolute innocents. Children? Who could shoot a child? And for what? It.. Just defies logic, defies any thought. Days like these you feel like there’s no hope for humanity. Fact is, just writing this poem left me drained, emotionally. It really felt like my mind just.. gave up after it.

      Thanks for reading though, dear Sand. I appreciate it. =)


  5. vishalbheeroo says:

    superb post on the futility of war that kills and fulfil a political goal.


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  7. Keep on writing it away you cute little kitty I love! You have a tool, a very powerful tool to make the world be informed on what’s on your mind and I’m really glad that no opportunity in every click of your thoughts ever goes to waste because….everything you share, everything you write stirs and create ripples into the ocean full of sympathy and apathy and darkness and lightness and so much more all rolled into one.. You create a ripple and that’s, a wonderful thing you cute little kitty cat!!!!

    Ohhh did I say I love this? Nope? Ha! Of course I do!!!


    • My sweet sweet Karlaness!!! I’m barely a murmur in a rock pool yet, but I know you love me enough to see me as a ripple! =) thanks so much dear Karlaness!!!! All sugar and spice and everything nice!!! =D ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  8. Rohan 7 Things says:

    Very powerful and potent poem Cookie, you really have a gift for words! Sending peace and good vibes to you, take care and keep writing 🙂

    All the best!



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