The Weed Song – 4/20 Special










The Weed Song



I sit and watch my friend, as he
Rolls out the the perfect joint
lights up in anticipation
As the puffs anoint

The so far smell-less car with hints
Of smoke of sweetish spice
And seems to transport him to a
Sense of delusion, nice

And easy on the working mind,
Images brought up neat.
Sensations of the darkest kind,
Empty stupor so deep

That time doesn’t much move for him
Minutes are dragging hours
He cannot much differentiate
Seems to have lost the power?

His eyes are clouded by the sight
Of rolling colored waves
And blinded by visions of girls
He babbles and raves. =p

And all he says is that he feels
A sort of gnawing pain,
Hunger pangs without the pang
Got the munchies again.

He grins away at everyone
His good humor restored,
Laughing merrily (just ’cause!)
Now that he’s just scored. =P







 This post is expressly dedicated to a couple of my favorite guys, three of them, to be precise.  Apparently 420 is a biiiiiig deal (don’t ask me, it’s not my scene and I’m as clueless as you probably are).  Well anyhow and anyhoo, there’s quite a few marijuana memes with this guy’s face on them. He’s clearly more baked than a cake factory, or more stoned than Stonehenge, or more fried than a fritter, or more wasted than a dump.. you get the drift. 


So well, have fun you guys. Day 21 of NaPoWriMo, and I’m leaving with you these! 😀 
















And last ( this is definitely going up as a banner somewhere).. 




12 thoughts on “The Weed Song – 4/20 Special

  1. Madsies says:

    Oh LOL! This is Doooooope. It’s like living the Experience! 😛
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh This is so Much fuunnnnnnnnnnnn!
    ❤ Mary had a little Jane, Little Jane, Little Jane XD


  2. MT BLU says:

    Lolol.. Had to leave this behind…


  3. PapaBear says:

    What’s so funny (not really) is that when they sober up, or come down off the high, they have to ask someone if they had a good time…!!!!!


  4. Is this really living the experience and something to crow about? I remain unsure….



  5. Sand says:

    Well, they chose a very effective face for their ‘banners’. He looks ten miles past the legal limit. I’m still thinking about the poem, mostly of the philosophy of it. I like it as poetry. And I’m all for legalizing marijuana but I don’t think this is a very flattering depiction of this guy. He sounds too dumb to drive. Nails.


    • Hahaha I know right, Sand? I think I can safely say he’s fried at least 80% of his brain cells. =P I have little experience with mj, so I don’t particularly mind either way. Let’s just say ‘some’ people I know would be over the moon, which is why I’m all for it. =P =P I’m glad you like it as poetry. This one was plain ol descriptive. No hidden meanings tucked away anywhere! =P


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