One of those days…


One of those Days..

You know when you have one of those
Confounded and dang blasted days
When every single thing goes down
And screws in all manners of ways?

I did not even get up on
The wrong or left or prickly side,
Oh I did not get up at all, I
Fell off like something that died.

Maybe a certain wily cat
Did push me off, slowly, slowly
He wanted the entire space
But you didn’t hear it from me

Ran out of milk, and sugar too,
So then made do with coffee tar,
Snagged a thread on my best jacket
And locked my keys inside the car

At work managed to get bled on
Oh well, at least it wasn’t puke.
Lost my hairbrush somewhere somehow
Luck isn’t my best attribute

But today was a time designed
Expressly by minions of Hell
Oh haha, see you’ve had your laugh
And gotten on my last nerve cell

I thought that I would play it safe
Stay home, hopefully break no bones,
But seems that I’m quite capable of
Being a drunk rhino alone.

Tripped over the loose coir doormat
And stubbed my toe on the first step
Burnt my fingers while frying eggs
And forgot where the ziplock’z kept.

Spilled some of my Gardenia
And hit my fairly nested head
While retrieving a stray bottle
From the underside of the bed

But finally today is done
Without me taking a nosedive
I guess, well, on the brighter side
I am lucky to be alive. =P


Hello everyone!

Day 22 of NaPoWriMo! I had planned this for today, before the prompt came along. And then I realized I had no Earth Day poem for today and a head full of rain and wind. So!! You get a double post! One is this rant about what a disaster yesterday was, and trust me, it was a disaster. I’m still typing slow ’cause of the burnt finger ( oh yes, that happened).

The second  is a poem specially posted for Earth Day. It’s called The Rowan Tree and it’s up here. Do hop over there as well. My fiance thinks that the morning skippity hoppity me is quite intolerable, especially at this ungodly hour. Buuuut you should give it a try some time! Now’s as nice as ever, all the wind is making everything super charrrged!!!! 😀

Enough blabs. Off with me!

Puddles to you,

Cookie ❤


18 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. Poetkatie says:

    Ah I’m having one of them days


  2. Madsies says:

    I had real good laughs reading this! But do take care Cookie! 😀
    Just when you think it can’t get worse….DANG! DANG! DANG!..You wish that were true!


  3. Sand says:

    Those days I scream and curse until the paint should be peeling off the walls. I wrote a ‘bad day’ poem once but I think only one line of it was real. I did enjoy this one. It had me going ‘Ooooh’ and ‘Oooooch’ and ‘Owie’, though. Sorry if even a part of this is true and wishing you a nicer, calmer and happier tomorrow..


    • Haha oh it’s true, Sand. I even left out the bit where I scraped my foot on a nail. A day later and the fingers are still hurting, and so’s the foot. Half my gardenia was on the floor so my room smells like someone was sentenced to death by essential oils. =P I could probably write an entire poem on the aftermath, lol. =P


      • Sand says:

        You probably could and it would be maaah-velous. Because you are just that good. My ‘days’ like that are usually a crashing symphony of dropping, spillage and breakage. Frustrating, screaming, tooth-grinding days can ruin an entire month when you’ve done a lot of damage. Aren’t you glad they’re so infrequent?


      • Oh yes! That’s their only saving grace, that as bad as they are, they’re never going to be longer than 24 hours! =P =D


  4. PapaBear says:

    Ah, Cookie, you are so incorrigibly…You ! …And I love it. Other than the tragedy of it, this was a fun read. Sorry about the finger.


  5. Enjoyed this, thoroughly!!!! Haha! 😛


  6. […] One of those days… | calliopes lyre One of those Days. You know when you have one of those. Confounded and dang blasted days. When every single thing goes down. And screws in all manners of ways? I did not even get up on. The wrong or left or prickly . […]


  7. Netta says:

    Just described my day 2days ago…for no reason.
    Just one of those….thank you.


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