The Rowan Tree – An Earth Day Post


The Rowan Tree

Tufts of flaming rowan berries
Dropping on my sleepy head
As I sit below the witchbane
On a springy grassy bed
And the sunlight’s filtering
Down through forking, spreading leaves
With the odd stray floating petal
Falling from the flower weaves

The book, long abandoned, lies
Near the roots, and as for me
I have long forgotten all, here
Lost under the Journey tree
Has a magic of its own, the
Quickenbeam white wicken tree
Thinking below the rowan, I
Find my thoughts truly set free…


I wrote The Rowan Tree more than a month ago. A friend of mine, Rowan, explained to me the meaning of his name, and when I looked the mythology and references behind the name, it was more fascinating still. The rowan tree is in so many stories. In Celtic mythology it’s the Traveller’s tree, in Norse it’s the goddess Sif’s tree, and once I got off wikipedia and onto more sites, so much more kept popping up.

And then, since today’s Earth Day, I could think of nothing better to post than this poem. Hope you all liked it.

Happy Earth Day! 🙂

A very muddy

Cookie ❤


7 thoughts on “The Rowan Tree – An Earth Day Post

  1. […]  is a poem specially posted for Earth Day. It’s called The Rowan Tree and it’s up here. Do hop over there as well. My fiance thinks that the morning skippity hoppity me is quite […]


  2. Madsies says:

    Happy Earth Day Cookie! 🙂
    Just when I thought I couldnt do anything for Earth Day, I read this one…..and YEAH! 😀
    Intriguing. Beautiful. Sweet. ❤


  3. PapaBear says:

    Everyone should have a “Rowan” tree. Happy Earth Day !


  4. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    you let the magick flow as it should from the roots up to you
    a wonderful Earth Day poem…


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