The Words



The Words



I did not know the words
I could tell she was crying though
Someone was missing
Someone wasn’t there
Someone had left


There was an emptiness, in the emptiness
It made her voice more potent
The punctuating, wracking sobs
Like commas, and semi colons
No full stops


I handed her a tissue, and she looked up
The pain in her eyes was a weight
That could break me, if I didn’t look away
Like she was..
I looked away


But I sat there and held her
No one deserves to be alone then


I did not know the words
But I was broken once, too..







Not a long post today, everyone.When you’re pulling someone else out, you swim to the shore yourself too.. So be safe and be strong, wherever you are. And if it feels too difficult to be strong for yourself, then be strong for that someone else. It’s a lot easier somehow.

Day 23 of NaPoWriMo, and it’s not off to a great start.. who would’ve thought five minutes could change a day?  Things will look up later though, hopefully. Eternal sunshine of a desperately optimistic mind and all that.


Take care!




Cookie ❤


18 thoughts on “The Words

  1. Powerful piece all the same, Cookie. Prayers and encouragement to you. May your day be one of more peace at its end than it was at its beginning. ^_^


  2. PapaBear says:

    This is just better, and more powerful than you can imagine, Cookiie. You reach deep inside the reader add pull the emotions right to the surface. All heart !!!


    • I’m glad you like it, Paul. =) I flirted with the idea of adding a few more lines, to rhyme it. But, when the lines were coming, there was no rhyme, and then to make it rhyme would just be forcing it.. Lol, sorry, ramble off again. Thanks for the reblog!

      And yes. Thanks for being you, too. =) xx


      • PapaBear says:

        My rule is…, force it – ruin it. The thoughts and feelings are what they are and sometimes rhyme just takes them out of their element. This is perfect as it stands. (Think “free verse)


  3. PapaBear says:

    Reblogged this on Céad Míle Fáilte and commented:
    Another beautifully written inspiration from one of our fellow bloggers.


  4. Cookie!!!! You cute little you, come, I’ll give you a big bear hugs! 🙂 I promise when you come off of the shore I’ve got two towels waiting for you, so you could give the other to the one you tried to pull 😛


  5. purple says:

    As others have said, this is perfect as is … very powerful on so many levels.


  6. Sand says:

    You must have had a terrible day. This is so downbeat and perhaps the first poem I’ve read by you that neither rhymes nor scans. I think only going through some very strong, very negative emotions could have taken you here. You’ve bared every nerve ending here and reading this pulls me into the sorrow and the loss. I’ve been there, too. Excellently well-written, sweet girl. I was so glad to read in the comments that you’re already back up from the down. Big hugs to you.


    • Thanks so much, dear Sand. I’m quite transparent to you, aren’t I? =) it makes me happy that you see me through and through. =) it was the aftermath of a terrible day and a very wretched night, and again a glum morning. Luckily though, I’m a basketball. Always bounce back up! =P =) Big massive squish hugs to you as well!!! =) ❤ ❤


  7. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    wonderful feel your words have….
    Take Care…
    You Matter…


  8. Poetkatie says:

    Very touching, lovely


  9. Madsies says:

    A very moving piece. Great work Cookie. 🙂


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