No Way In



No Way In


Close the doors around you
Extinguish the light within
Sit down at your empty desk
And switch off the thinking.

Bar the windows left ajar
Ban the wisp of daring wind.
And if he should seek a route,
Pull down the blinds kept unpinned.

Seal the exits, seal the roof,
Nail a board across the flap.
Hail the locks as your best friends,
It ends here, no going back.

Force the voices out forever
Mouths moving but miming mute,
Close the doors inside your head,
Revel in blessed solitude.




There is such a calm in receding into nothingness.


The glorious expanse of absolutely nothing at all, the overpowering sensation of the ultimate, bottomless free fall.. It’s the kind of sensation that pushes your mind to such advancement, that it makes words almost irrelevant.. Almost obsolete.

Because it feels so frightfully inadequate to say that, I feel nothing. To say that I’m a big ol tub o’ empty, that I can sit with here on the bed with my back to the wall, and think nothing. Feel nothing. It’s like the elusive songbird of silence. You have to hear nothing at all, if you wish to hear it sing. And, I suppose, I am addicted to his song.

It makes me wonder, really, about the oddness of it all. I seem to be surfing through two extremes. While I quite enjoy a good headbang when i feel like it, the songs of silence have the allure of such a silver peace… It puts you squarely at the center of the earth (and I have written for you about that as well).

But then, I see the common thread. More than the sensation, or the lack of it, I believe what draws me in is the want of solitude. A few minutes, a half hour on a generous day, just to get my thoughts in order. Not to be a recluse or a hermit, that could probably never happen. Lord knows I chatter on to no end, lol. But really, it’s the shift to wanting to assimilate and process everything happening in and around me, than just register, reply and erase it from memory.

To listen to yourself inside your head. To hear yourself speak when you say nothing at all. Simon and garfunkel knew it long before I was even born. We need the sounds of silence.

I know I do.


Love and light,

Cookie ❤


Ps. Starting soon I’ll be writing in a new category as well. I’ve seen and learnt a lot in these past days, and drawing from that, I’ll be posting stories that travel halfway between fact and fiction, in Abnormally Normal Anne- the diary of a surprisingly un-demented mind. It’s a little on the morbid side, if I’m to be objective, but then, I must write what I must! Hope you all enjoy it! I’d appreciate any feedback! 🙂

Wuvs! ❤


8 thoughts on “No Way In

  1. Madsies says:

    Very good. Love the Quote Pic too.
    And Awww, that teeny tiny Smiley at the very Bottom ❤


  2. Sand says:

    As an unrecalcitrant recluse, I can only envy you. Despite having furiously battened down my hatches, I’ve never once in my life been able to empty my mind. Oh, I can also congratulate you.

    I’m so happy to have gotten here to read this. I hope to read your new slant. I like the sound of ‘abnormally normal anne’.

    Normally abnormal,


    • Thanks so much Sand. =) I knew you’d know what I mean.. Silence and solitude are such unattainables, almost. Makes them that much more precious… And I hope you like it! It’s really just an experiment at this stage! =P


  3. Anthea says:

    …Wild… 🙂 ….deep…..pensive………………….I like it 🙂


  4. Sanah says:

    What a lovely poem ! Looking forward to reading your new posts. 🙂


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