There is constant running thread,
Extending from time before time,
The only constant of proportion
To which all the ages align
The only event that no one
Can circumvent, be low or high,
The single thing binding us all
Is the fact that one day, we die.

It’s the fact that one day you will
Be shuffled off the mortal coil,
There will be that one moment when
Your body, soul, like water, oil,
Will peel away from each other,
One of this earth, and one no more
Belonging to the living but
Destined for far off fragrant shores..

And the other, disintegrate,
Return to ground and leaf and wood
Return to salt within the seas,
No longer rust and salt of blood
As I lay here in my love’s arms,
I cannot help but worry, think
Of endless possibilities
That end lives in less than a blink

So when you know you are finite,
Can you afford to leave to fate?
Isn’t a moment not loving
The same as moments lost to hate?
I do not know beyond today,
And cannot see beyond tonight,
As long as I love, I am loved,
I will go happily to die.



Not one of us can claim to have been left unscarred by death.

Whether it’s a sudden passing, a calamity with a sickening body count that you’re in the middle of, or just a pet… They all count. They all matter, and they all hurt. They cast a pallid shadow that can sometimes weigh over you even in the light of noon. Death has an existence, and it cannot be denied.

When we do accept this, accept the reality of our own mortality, how will that realization, that we are not eternal,, affect us? Will the shock of impermanence drive us to meaningless hedonism, or a reckless Carpe diem distortion of meaninglessness? Or will you seek the simpler immortality… that of love?

This is not a sermon, and I have nothing more to say, but that please, cherish every moment you get with your loved ones. Make sure that they know they matter, that you care. In each moment that you can, love, and be loved. We are not here forever.

My love to you,

Cookie ❤

For the Promptless-  Gezellig 


15 thoughts on “Amaranthus

  1. Sand says:

    Though gone 3 years, my love lives and will continue so long as I still breathe. Excellent poem, Cookie. It’s the only kind of immortality open to us. And it would be just as precious even if it weren’t.


  2. So beautifully put. Love and be loved is the greatest way to live. I definitely believe that. A beautiful piece to share – thank you!


    • Thank you so much! =) well, life can be as simple as that, if we make it. =)


      • So true, what we can make of life and what we do make of it are entirely different things. As I get older I realize more and more each day that it’s in the most simplistic of experiences that we fully live, love and are able to be true to ourselves. Over complicating things seems to place a fog over the core of what matters: love and happiness 🙂 If I can have those things present in the majority of my life, then I’ll have accomplished my life’s purpose.
        Great post – it really brought up some good feelings for me to ponder today.


      • Thanks so much. I’m so glad you found a good moment here. =)


  3. PapaBear says:

    This is so wonderfully stated, Cookie. It really defies comment. More time spent in love…, less time spent on hate…, and we’d be living in a much happier world.


  4. Madsies says:

    Im so glad to be having my angels with me. My friends, I’d be nothing without them . Love.


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