All I Have..


All I Have..

There are a thousand painful miles
From where you lay down soft, to sleep,
Stretching between your heart and mine
To here where my vigil I keep..
Yet all I really have to do,
To feel my pulse beating in you
All I really have to do,
Is close my eyes, and think of you.

It’s such a thing of wonder, love
No physical embodiment
Could possibly try to frame
Limits to this miracle sent..
To think that two souls far away
Could lose in each other, their pain,
To think, that two, so terrified,
Could hope to dream and love again

And love to wipe out all that came
Before they met, the missing halves,
To drive away the demons of
The lurking and demented pasts..
Love so potent as to flower
Bloom in the midst of stings,.
And love, so strong, to overpower
Everything, and everything..

That we could draw infinite
Strength from where we thought was none,
All I could find here in you,
All it is for me you’ve done,
Holding me to see the dawn,
Anchored me to life again,
Aren’t you my guiding light,
Aren’t you my blessing, then?

Could I even ask for more
Than what’s been given to me,
In rapture of the gift of you,
I pray each night on bended knees..
On faith woven into threads,
Washed by countless salty beads
Your love is all I truly have,
Your love is all I’ll ever need…



Hello all. 🙂

I am an unabashed sap today. That is all. 😛


Cookie ❤


6 thoughts on “All I Have..

  1. PapaBear says:

    Unabashed saps are great people. Their feelings are honest. Really like the emotion of this, Cookie. Why is he a thousand miles away? That’s not exactly intimate, ya know !


  2. Madsies says:

    😀 ❤


  3. kismet says:



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