How Will You Know Me?


How Will You Know Me?

How will you know me, when I’m gone?
That girl who secretly wrote on,
The outwardly shy extrovert,
The wickedly punning pervert

Or one who did not know her moods,
Could not estimate where she stood
Was uncertain and yes, afraid,
Her substance would be lost, and fade?

Will you think me all wile and guile ?
Will you find me in words, and smile?
Will I be one who helped you mend
Will you remember an old friend?

Or just another passing name,
In the midst of those who came
Yearning to flame, burn so bright,
Only to be lost in the night?

Will you remember me then, when,
I no longer walk the world of men,
How soon will you forget, move on
How will you know me, when I’m gone?



8 thoughts on “How Will You Know Me?

  1. zygerina says:

    wow, i was gasp….i loved it! could relate to it!


  2. Netta says:

    Love this poem….very near my heart.


  3. PapaBear says:

    But, darlin’ girl, you’re not gone. You’re still here among us. but I would always remember a friend.


  4. Madsies says:

    You never can forget your Loved ones! Even when they’re gone, they leave behind a part of them in you.
    Very good poem Cookie. 🙂


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