Does It Matter At All?


Does It Matter At All?

Does it matter, any of this,
Does anything matter at all?
Am I to stand here, thus chained
And look on as the sky falls?
Watch every seeping ochre road
Watch the venom flowing free,
Everything that hurt me once
Now hurting those around me?

Trapped and struggling in midair
As the necromancer calls
One by one, the empty bodies
Dancing like pitiful dolls
Here a bruise and there a crack
Thunder and lightening, and pain
There is no magic in this
There is no light in blood stains

And I’ve seen this all before,
I remember every step
It was branded into my being
In my heart that hurt is kept
Yet again my curse repeats
It plays out in front of me
A nightmare anniversary
Heard in loud, shrill cacophony

Wails and tears, everything here
Pulling me and mine so deep
Into its malevolence
Off a jagged cliff so steep
And I am ragged again
Old cuts opening in thrall
And I cry in keening screams
God, does it matter at all?

© CM

Going through a nightmare.. It’s not so bad, when you kick and bite and fight, and drag yourself to the other side.

But when you turn back, and you see the people you love, more than yourself even.. You watch them suffer like you did.. Look for answers in all the places and things you tried.. When you see them go through all that… God it hurts so bad.

It’s been a terrible day, and I’m just going to sleep now.. Hopefully I’ll wake up with the strength to deal with more of the same…

Love and strength to you all as well.. I hope those of you who need it as bad as I do, find it…

Cookie ❤


10 thoughts on “Does It Matter At All?

  1. Mike says:

    Visceral and emotionally ragged. A commendable healing step.


  2. Oloriel says:

    This was a whole expirience of its own and very deep to read, I hope you feel better soon!


  3. Netta says:

    I think it does matter, we learn from old cuts….if it hurts it matters.


  4. Netta says:

    Thanks for sharing this, very deep poem .


  5. Madsies says:

    Oh dear me. I hope you are doing fine. :/
    In my heart that hurt is kept
    Yet again my curse repeats
    It plays out in front of me
    A nightmare anniversary


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