Literally Lillith




Literally Lillith 

In every streak of naughtiness
Crossing my wicked mind
I know your sweet impish smile 
Won’t be too far behind 
In each and every prank we pull 
Every green spark we’ve lit,
You’re literally Lillith, girl,
And I love you for it! 

I know just when the Devil speaks
Into your twitching ear 
I know just when you’re inspired 
The angels disappear 
The minute when our ideas 
Flame up, fanned by night wings 
You’re literally Lillith, girl
You make my black heart sing.

We decimate and rake and scorn 
We set the sky alight 
On white halos propped up on horns 
Grins beaming in delight 
You and me in purgatory
The ‘holier than thou’s
Should rightly be cowering
When we whip out the noose

It’s simple, we know what we are,
Mischievous and fey
We don’t pretend to be someone 
We’re not, come what may
The two faced fat hypocrites 
Can’t think the way you do 
You’re literally Lillith, girl,
And I love you for you!

© CM


Friends are the people you can be wicked with, regardless of raised eyebrows all around..





Cookie ❤ 


8 thoughts on “Literally Lillith

  1. Green Embers says:

    Oh I really liked this. The picture up at the top was like a great cherry on top. Very well done. 🙂


  2. Mike says:

    Wicked indeed – but virtuous poetry. Very well accomplished.


  3. Netta says:

    Like, soft, spontaneous !


  4. Madsies says:

    Ah this sounds so Mischevious, I like it! ;D
    The Picture, she could easily be a vampire. o_O


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