Pop An Artery


Pop An Artery

Pop an artery in my head,
Bash my fist against the wall,
Push a pin deep in my thigh,
Steal some sleep from Adderall,

Pull my nails out, one by one,
Saw a penknife ‘cross my wrist,
Pop each knuckle, in and out,
There’s a new one for the list.

Dig my claws into my arm,
Bite my fingers when it bleeds,
When your temples throb like this,
A little pain is what you need.

But it wont work anymore
I seem to have built tolerance
The list just keeps growing on, on,
To where pain doesn’t make sense.

The anger, hate, eating me up, their
Fangs tearing into my mind,
There is a drawer, my last rock,
I seek refuge in words, unwind,

Take out the black book and the pen,
Write down each line, chorus, refrain,
Instead of me I’ll mark the page
But I won’t hurt myself again.

There’s quite enough people for that,
To pop that vessel in my head,
Call me a ticking time bomb but
I’ll fight it out to my last breath.


Some days, you make it through. Barely, but that’s enough.

Strength to you all,

Cookie ❀


6 thoughts on “Pop An Artery

  1. PapaBear says:

    Wow, Cookie! This is depressing. You need a double-shot of some really good bourbon, some bright sunshine, and some fresh air! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Have a great Tuesday !


  2. stankmeaner says:

    Stumbling across the finish line is still crossing the finish line, it counts, as do any small victories you win against life. You’ll do it again tomorrow, and cross the finish line again and again


  3. Madsies says:

    O_o That’s a list of Horrors.
    *standing ovation*
    Scary yet very nicely written.


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