Let Me In




Let Me In


Let me see you for who you are
What you keep, so locked inside..
We have bared ourselves together
There is no space left, to hide..
Never misunderstandings, or
Wrinkles of sight pushed, displaced
Let me see you for who you are
You know I’ll love you anyway…

Let me see through your deceptions
Help me settle, understand, the
Convolutions of perception
That I miss in sleight of hand…
Help me know the intricacies
Diamond edges of your thoughts
I love you for all this, now, but
Also, for what you forgot…

We’ve had no prerequisites, no
Clause commanding veiling, or
Situations necessitating
Shadows being drawn over, for
Lover, I know that you are cryptic,
Maddeningly, flawless made
It wont detract from your magic,
If I see you, light and shade…

So, let me see, let me know…
I want no part left out in this,
What we share was built to grow,
Block by block, each touch and kiss
The walls should grow all around us
Not within, never between,
I must live what you have lived
And you’ll see what I have seen…

And you’ll know, what I have known,
But there must be balance, faith,
We cannot make a perfect world,
If we hide in our corners, wraiths
Banishing them, vanquishing them
Or letting them fade and be,
You must let me in, as will I,
Let me feel, and know, and see…








6 thoughts on “Let Me In

  1. PapaBear says:

    All that you ask here sould be answered, Cookie. For some, though, it’s not easy to throw open all the doors and expose some hurts, pain, and difficuties to the light. …and there are some (as I well know) that are best kept in the dark.


    • True, Paul. I’m keenly aware of the comfort of closed doors and shadows.. But somewhere, something’s need to be illuminated. At least, a door needs to be opened for me to know what’s inside.. I would mind not knowing too, but I can’t help ease what I don’t know, hence the questions..


  2. Madsies says:

    Whoa. This Is Great. ❤


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