The Joining


The Joining

I stand here at the precipice
That hangs between the worlds
Watching the ripples ebb and tide
Feeling your wings unfurl…
Feeling the pain, the catch, the hurt
The wince, as if my own,
Waiting silent, for permission
Unmoving as the stones…

The dark unravels satin folds
As time slow melts away,
If you needed for me to stand
I could wait endless days
I have not known the hate, battles,
Agonies you’ve endured
All that I ask, is you to clasp
My hand as I take yours

My grasp is frail but still the gales
The screaming tortured wind
Cannot tear you away from me
For you, resolve and strength
Are embedded in skin and bone,
Just take my hand and try
Let me support you, let me hold,
You know for you I’ll die

The chasms are endless, are vast
With glowing ragged teeth
The disembodied moans echo
Spiraling from the deeps
And yet we stand, as breath and life
Needing not sight or feel
And as you pulled me from the edge,
Help me help you to heal…

© CM

There’s a  popular quote, Marilyn Monroe I think, that pops up regularly on Facebook every few days.  Along the lines of   “if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best”.  Smart, that one. Doomed, but smart all the same.

I haven’t lived with love long enough to presume I know all about it.  Probably not even half, not even a quarter of what there might be to know so far, I’d guess. One thing that’s pretty evident, though, is that a large part of love is about balance. Giving endlessly, limitlessly, giving away to your partner to the ends of your existence. Giving yourself, really giving yourself up. That’s the most essential, most frightening and most exhilarating part of true love. Not lavish gifts or clothes or cars, that’s just being a sucker, most times.  I’m not saying don’t buy something you know they’ll like. That’s just sweet. But buying stuff that’s preposterous… Someone who has those diamond demands isn’t really concerned with the way you shine for them, are they?

And really, think about it. Sharing yourself with someone.  It’s truly terrifying, To be that vulnerable, to be that open. To not seek to hide behind the nearest curtain or sofa or screen.  To not in the cover of darkness.  Letting them see you, faults and all. To love someone is to arm them with every thing in the world that can hurt you, that will would you, and to know that they never will.

And in return, to never hurt either. To give the support you want to receive. To be understanding, loving, patient, because that’s what you expect. It’s not chasing some unattainable ideal. With the right person, with the right connection, it just happens. You’ll swallow your words because you’re acutely aware that saying them will cause pain. Not always, You’ll say them too sometimes, but regret will hit right after, and you’ll seek to fix it. If it doesn’t? If you’re happy you hurt them? Something is amiss, my friend…

I’m not perfect. Neither is he. (well, almost. In fact yeah, I’d say he is. 😉 ) But I’m trying to be. I know I’m arming him with everything that can destroy me, wreck me, and I know he’s going to keep it safe. Keep me safe. Because that’s what I’ll do too.

And not just for him, for everyone I love. I’m trying to be everything that I want others to be for me. Hopefully, I’ll get there soon.

Just be patient with me till then though. 🙂

Love and light,

Cookie ❤


PS. There’s another quote from the same lady, which applies just as much as the first one did. You know who you are… ❤

I could never pretend something I didn’t feel. I could never make love if I didn’t love, and if I loved I could no more hide the fact than change the color of my eyes.” 


6 thoughts on “The Joining

  1. Netta says:

    Beautiful ….but frightening ….to share that much with someone. And then to swallow your words to not hurting or grt hurt…what a journey life and love is. Thank you , love this.


  2. PapaBear says:

    Love is a reciprocal thing, Cookie. It’s right to be giving of self but must keep in mind that it’s right and necessary to also receive in order to replenish that well from which giving love springs. ….and that thought goes both ways. ~Paul


    • Right you are, Paul. As always, I should add. =) getting and giving back just keep things fresh and full, and that’s as good as anything can get. =)

      Cheers Paul! Hope you have a great Sunday ahead! =)


  3. Madsies says:

    Wise words. Balance, Yeah!
    Me Glad Cookie..:D


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