The Best Ever Backyard Picnic!!!



My bonkers backyard has lately been invaded by an entirely welcome presence. Since the past week or so, a mixed sort of flock of birds has been showing up every day to scrounge for crumbs in the yard. Now, ‘tiny’ is almost a misleading term. The lot of them, about 10-15 birds, are a nice assortment of what google tells me are Wrens and Warblers, with the occasional sparrow tagging along. They’re barely palm sized (and if you’ve seen my hands you know how tiny that is!). They more than make up for it in sheer insistence though. Singing and chattering and arguing and basically being as noisy as it’s humanly possible to be, starting mid morning to well into the day.  It’s rather adorable really, but I’m going to say that very, very quietly, ’cause my cats are sitting right here looking very disgruntled and feeling sorry for themselves.

It turns out that the birdbrains, whom I’ve named The Twits, have quite a wicked sense of humor. They’ve been driving the cats fairly insane all week long.  Not only do they flit about their heads in a tempting way that drives the kitties hopping mad, but they know what they’re doing too. Two of them simultaneously dive bomb the confused kitty, or one of them swishes by in the middle of a pounce, completely throwing the cat off. They know exactly what they’re doing, with all these cunning aerial tactics. I swear, the day the cats get organized too, there’s going to be a full blown war in my backyard.

Well, as it happens, today there weren’t so many crumbs to be found in the little corner where the flock… flocks.  Not that it saddened them, they just argued more insistently and a couple flew into the house too (Bird mafia, I tell you… ). So Mum decided that she’ll throw them a picnic party, and she sprinkled an assortment of omnoms near the corner of the Brook  (it’s  a trickle running across the yard but very there despite it’s size). So! Food, fresh flowing water, a pile of twigs to play in and a low hanging branch. Bring on the festivities!!!! =D





Oh and as if they weren’t enough, the commotion brought a wee mouse out from somewhere.  He was supremely unconcerned, walking through the birds to his choice of food and scurrying back to the twigs to eat them. I caught him washing up later too. 🙂




So! That was my impromptu backyard picnic!  Hope you liked it!!! =D

Oh and this was the evening sky. The weather’s just been too beautiful to resist clicking. 🙂


Lemonade and cheers!

Cookie ❤

10 thoughts on “The Best Ever Backyard Picnic!!!

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  2. stankmeaner says:

    I have 3 wrens that hang out in the bush right beside my bedroom window that taunt my indoor kitty mercilessly, until his whole body is vibrating and he’s making those weird bird call cat chitters, then they chirp a laugh and fly away 😉


    • Ohh they’re a devious lot, lol. My cats do that too. One spent at least an hour each day hiding behind the tree pretending to be a rock. They always knew exactly where she was lol. She got so frustrated yesterday, she went off to my mum and started yowling for her to catch them for her lol.


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  4. […] The Best Ever Backyard Picnic!!! | calliopes lyre […]


  5. […] The Best Ever Backyard Picnic!!! | calliopes lyre […]


  6. Netta says:

    So lovely….and what a feast. I am madly in love with nature. .i enjoyed this a lot….thank you.


  7. Madsies says:

    Cats Vs Birds!! Oh what a SHow!
    How lovely…sounds so close to Nature. 🙂
    Lovely photos as well.


    • Thanks Mads! You know my house is a regular mini jungle lol. =P just yesterday we had a bat war in the backyard and a really big one we named Nightwing almost touched my head as he buffeted past. Weeeeeiiirrrrd!


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