The Plague


The Plague

Yersinia, I see you there
Why did you call again?
Spreading black death around,woman,
Haven’t caused enough pain?
Yersinia, why are you here
To crawl into my veins?
You’re moving through my skin, woman,
You’re clawing in my brain

Your toxins are unstoppable
They necrose and destroy,
Pollute the very air I breathe
You will not be defied
Your spindle fingers walk on me
I shiver like I’m agued
I feel you calling me to death
Walking bubonic plague

The world spins in dizzy frenzy
I taste the rising bile
As you reach in and draw me out
Resistance is futile
I burn in a hundred fevers
You watch dispassionate,
I plead and bleed it out to you,
But you proliferate

Yersinia, you have me now
Woman, why did you come?
Your black death eyes funnel me in
And all my will’s undone
Yersinia, the spark is gone
From lifeless eyes turned white
Devour me, and fuel your rage
Sweet death is a respite

© CM

Credit for this one goes to A for the idea. The Black Death walks in the midst of us all. Who is strong enough to look her in the eye?

A dark chocolate

Cookie ❤


8 thoughts on “The Plague

  1. PapaBear says:

    I am. Have seen the shadow more than once and am still here. Death is no mystery. I am alive and offer it neither fear or tear. It is naught but a shadow that follows in wait. When I am ready I will walk with it, but not before. Begone darkness…, I am the light !!!


  2. Sayantan Sen says: feels so deep and I can visualize through your poetry..take a bow 🙂


  3. Madsies says:

    Great write. ❤


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