Danse Macabre – (1) Grave Dancer


Danse Macabre- One


Grave dancer



Call the blood out to the surface

Call the wild ones, call their name
Count the ones who heard, they came
Mark the others, lesser flesh,
Mark the forsaken, unblessed
Paint them with the oil, the flame,
Brand it into them, their claims,
Dig the earth up, find the doors,
Light the candles on the moors

Hold my hand, come, Little Ones,
Mind your frills, decorations,
This will now be your new park
Keep an eye out in the dark,
Hold my hand tight, don’t let go,
There are monsters in the glow
Hush your voices down below
Whispers carry when wind blows

Fence off the blurry edges, too
Many watchers ‘cross the hedge
Staring unblinking, lidless they see
Tongues lolling but faint intrigued
They are unholy too, and they know
They know where it is we’ll go
Knowing, what it is I lead,
Waiting, the black dogs watch me,

Mocking the steps I retrace
In timeless sets, trapped in place,
Holding you, little ones, no fear
No one will find you,
I am here


Watch the steps and learn the rhyme,
Watch me and come dance in time
Mind your footsteps lest you fall
The Dance of Death finds us all
The damned, saints and innocents,
Beg for that last chance to mend,
Pleading for faith, for mercy,
Crying to be let, set free
Screaming and clawing their nails
Down the rusty, tired trails,
As if I could let them go,
Fools, pitiful, didn’t they know?
If you don’t dance well, you’ll fall
The Dance of Death binds us all

Call the blood out to the surface
Give me your hands, blessed and unblessed,
Mind your footsteps lest you fall
The Dance of Death binds us all….


© CM


12 thoughts on “Danse Macabre – (1) Grave Dancer

  1. My all time favourite piece of music !
    You need to record an audio version of this poem dear !!…..


  2. PapaBear says:

    On this dark and dreary eve
    I come to watch the spirits leave
    Peering over cracked grey walls
    Watching til the moonlight falls…
    ………Great write, Cookie. I really enjoyed it. You’re becoming a modern “Edna Alaina Poet”..:) Hugs,


  3. Madsies says:

    Oh my my. How Amaaazing! O_o


  4. JMC813 says:

    I love both of these pieces tremendously. Part 1 and 2. It speaks to me so vividly. I am fairly new to writing. I enjoy flash fiction mostly but have recently endeavored poetry and find it very enjoyable and challenging. Feel free to drop by my site anytime. Maybe you will find something you like. Anyway, I just had to leave another comment telling you how much I enjoy your work. It gives me inspiration and aspirations. Thank you
    Keep writing



    • Aw, thank you so much. I’m so glad you liked them. =) it’s the first time I’ve written in parts, and both are completely unrelated and related at the same time. So happy you liked them. I’d love to read your work as well. Popping over to your blog now. =)




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