Singin’ I Love Rock n’ Roll


Shoutout to A (#) my best friend. A great friend and great music, what more can a girl ask for? 😀

Hugs all around,

Cookie ❤







9 thoughts on “Singin’ I Love Rock n’ Roll

  1. Netta says:

    Thanks for this….love it.


  2. PapaBear says:

    Great post, Cookie. I always liked Joan Jett, and this is one of my favorites of hers. Hugs,


  3. Madsies says:

    Heavyweight is just Dope. Orgasmic to the ears. A bit creepy as well!
    Eight minutes of Awesomeness!
    Black is WOW!
    Laid To Rest O_o
    Yay to Jakoby ❤
    I Love Rock n Roll..My all time Favorite! ❤
    Thoroughly enjoyed! 😀
    Hugs Hugs!


  4. Madsies says:



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