Danse Macabre- (2) Soul Seeker






Danse Macabre (2) 

Soul Seekers 


Call the flesh out to the surface

Call the flesh out to the surface
Watch the melting, screaming faces
Gnawing themselves inside out, 
They will dance a merry round 
Yes,they twirl to my old tunes,
Stumble and call through the dunes

Climbing, falling, gasping and climbing yet once again
To where they know we wait- they still run, in vain 

To the top of the knoll, where he waits, the King
Pleading like the rest of them, muttering, mumbling
To the formless precipice, and to the five point star
Pentacled the passing of caesars, lords, of czars
To the cursed hallowed gates, leading them all down
Nimble nimble, hustle, keep up, scurry ‘cross the ground
See the working man, he toils, carving stone furrows
See the lonely waxy Maiden, how pale, sullen, her brow
Watch the old Priest stand and sermon, he will come here too
For all of his silver words, but none stemmed from virtue
See the velvet decay and the silken robes fall off
They are but cotton and straw, Death looks on and scoffs
What raiment or ornament, and what bone or sinew
What the stirless fetor from mottled lips turned cold blue
What the soulless, vacant shells waiting for their turn
When the Soul Seeker has found them
They will all, all burn


Did they not know of the Seeker, that he would them find?
Did they think the dark poetic, did they not know time?
Raking nails and hooves and horns, they have all been brought
In the endless Fires now they howl and singe, distraught
Why then did they not see shadows, dogging their off steps?
Watch the turning of the hour, knowing count was kept?
And now they hold on, moaning, hopping turn by turn,
While the flames lick up and snap, and the dancers all burn

Watch the ageless steps and come, learn the seamless rhyme,
Watch me lead with bony hands and come dance in time
Mind your flailing footsteps, oh! Mind! Lest you fall
Hide if you will in the ash, the Dance of Death finds all
The physicians and damned, the saints and innocents,
Bite their bloodied skinless knuckles, beg for chance to mend,
Pleading for a show of faith, for respite, mercy,
Crying to be saved for once, oh to be let, set free
Screaming hoarse, screaming some more, scoring splintered nails
Down the rusty, unfeeling, tired and dusty trails,
As if I would let them up, as if I’d let them go,
Fools, pitiful, wrapped in Life, did they not ever know?
If you don’t dance well, if you forget, you will miss, you’ll fall
Down into the caverns, the Dance of Death binds us all
Call the flesh out to the surface
Watch the melting, screaming faces
Falling and climbing again
We have sought and caught their souls-

They run, in vain…





4 thoughts on “Danse Macabre- (2) Soul Seeker

  1. Madsies says:

    WOW! ❤


  2. JMC813 says:

    So impressed. What a vivid picture you paint with words. I love being taken on frightening journeys in the mind.
    Keep writing



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