The Endless Sea





The Endless Sea


There is an itch beneath my skin
Eating its way through me
Crawling down my spine,
Unsettling, distressing
There is an itch under my thoughts
And it won’t go away…

The world is looming up again
There are shadows at the edges
Slowly taking over the sky
Blotting out the sun, the light
And fear is looming up again
And it won’t go away…

The dark sea is growing again
My hands are shaking, and my voice
And my mind, and my being
Trembling, uncertain, unknowing
Everything I know is crashing down
Too much of the old in the new
Too much, too much, and too few
Too few hands I can hold on to

The dark sea is endless, and see
I cannot make it go away,
Once again, aimlessly found
My path leads down into the waves
Oh I may flounder helplessly
But all the pain’s worth the respite
That comes after the endless night
It may be waste, to finally drown
But what a peace lies below the ground!


There is an itch under my skin,
Burrowing deeper, further in
But I can make it go away…









Pain. Hurt. Uncertainty, deceit, and pain. And hurt. Shaking. Cowering and flinching, and hurting. Hiding in a dark corner and wishing it would all just go away. 

Watching it as it doesn’t go away. 





11 thoughts on “The Endless Sea

  1. 5thshadeofmist says:

    I liked the flowing themes of this poem a good deal.


  2. PapaBear says:

    Once upon midnight dreary
    I had a pint with John O’Leary
    When the moon had satisfactorily sunk
    I concluded we were durnk.
    (that’s about as dark and dreary as I can manage tonight, Cookie. Liked your poem. I heard that Benedryl cream is good for itchs. Good night, darlin’ girl.


  3. Madsies says:

    Dark stuff! Awesome.
    “Too few hands I can hold on to”…Cunt on me, Mine will be one of those!:D


  4. Madsies says:

    >_< Oh God Why! *Count
    Lovya too!


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