I sat and watched the stars come alive
Dance, spinning endlessly in place
Tear drop like nimbuses of light
Dance and break away, away
Swoop down giddy in their brilliance
Throbbing, searing my burning pulse
Fevered, my brow, glittering eyes
Gleaming, glowing in the dark so full

Glowing, and I danced, in drunk delight
Drunk in that maddening rush of joy
Every nerve aflame, every vein alight
Dancing with the drunk stars up high
Stepping on comets, trailing blue fire
Skipping moonbeam to gold moonbeam
The stars and me soared ever higher
To pinnacles of thought, to seen, unseen
Past all what is and all what was lost,
To what hadn’t even yet been…

There, on that undying black shore
I counted the pebbles, knots, the streams
Disappearing into the vast azure
Trickling down magic into my dreams
Trickling, stray smiles, stray pulses of light
Dancing, the stars, red in my veins
I closed my eyes, one with the dancing stars
Some day, maybe soon, I will dance again…


Even days apart, my best friends are those pinpricks of light who flit about, leaving me smiles, before the dreams set in.

You are my stars. ❤

Love and light,

Cookie ❤


12 thoughts on “Constellation

  1. PapaBear says:

    Ah, to feel the joyful exhiliration of dancing across the heavens, dancing among the stars and across the face of the moon….
    This one is brilliant (pun intended), Cookie. This was a painting not only of an image, but also emotion and wonderfully done. Hugs !


  2. Netta says:

    Lovely……I feel every word…..and then one day I’ll be dancing …just great. Thanks for sharing.


  3. skeletopia says:

    Very captivating. Love the imagery 🙂


  4. Rohan 7 Things says:

    Awesome, makes me think of the kind of astral travelling some meditators like to do. You describe the astral dance beautifully 🙂



  5. Madsies says:

    What a Joyful poem to read. Im Beaming. 🙂 Cool Picture! ❤
    And the Stars shall shine together! 😀 Wooooohooo.


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