What does the heart want?


What Does the Heart Want?

There are voices in the wind
But he doesn’t listen, no
There is love, comfort and shelter
But he doesn’t want to go
There is balm for him in the rain
And warmth drawn even from snow
What else does this heart want, then?
What more does he need to know?

He cries out in supplication,
He screams out in agony
In torrents of life giving blood
Beats himself, internally
Pounds loud in the dark, so stark
Thrashing in my chest, his cage
What more does this heart want, then?
What will stem his faint barrage?

What can I do, to set him free,
Free him from my ribs’ bondage?

Throbbing, throbbing perpetually,
He shudders and murmurs, sighs,
Chokes himself to fearful pressures,
Pushes blood out from my eyes,
Outwardly, breaths rise and fall,
Inside he hides, in disguise,
And inside he aches, he quakes, he
Can’t tell where the answer lies

Mechanically pumping all day,
At night when the shadows rise,
The heart searches for what it wants,
Unknowing, it slowly dies…

© CM


8 thoughts on “What does the heart want?

  1. PapaBear says:

    This speaks of a heart-wrenching pathos, Cookie, and is truly sad. The words evoke a deep confusion, loneliness, and either guilt or loss. Is this someone you know? (need not answer – I’m being too nosey).
    How is Dr. Cookie Monster doing these days? Relaxing a bit, I hope !
    Hugs ! ~Paul


  2. Netta says:

    Nice, just feels this heart went through a lot. It needs to be set free. Should not be on a slow die.


  3. Sand says:

    Painful and wrenching and purely beautiful in its composition, Cookie. A tour de force.


  4. Madsies says:

    Oh My Gawsh.
    Keeps getting Creepier until the end!
    WOW! ❤


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