Eleven and One, Eleventy One


Hello all!!

There’s a thingamajiggie flying around, according to which you give people who comment a number, and then they have to post that many things about themselves. I was given 11, so here are 11 things you may or may not have known about me.

1. I hate orange, the color. Specifically, bright orange. I don’t own a single orange piece of clothing, and haven’t for a long time. I don’t mind the odd melon or peachy shade. It’s just bright orange that makes me twitch *twitch*.  I also have no flat shoes of my own, except sneakers. When I absolutely must wear flats, I nick my sister’s. 😛

2. I can’t listen to pop music without grimacing. Same goes for most rap nowadays. Metalheads of the world, unite!!! \m/(-_-)\m/

3. I paint my own t shirts. I mess a few up too, but they turn out okay for the most part. This is the last one I did.


4. I used to draw and sketch, a lifetime ago. Occasionally I’ll feel that need again, and out comes the sketchbook. If I have any decent amount of time, then the oil paints will make a reappearance, but those instances are few and far between.


5. I plan on getting my belly button pierced by the end of the year. If not that then at least another ear piercing, fingers crossed!

6. I want to publish a quiet lil book of my poems some day. If I get really lucky, maybe more than one book too. I’ve had a few semi self publish offers but I’m still waiting for that elusive Prince Charming-Glass Slipper-Publisher, sigh…

lolcat dream

7. I’m nuts about animals. It takes one set of puppy dog eyes to melt me and pull me away, no matter how grubby or small/large the owner is.

8. I’m also nuts about my friends. Fiercely, viciously protective. People can say what they want about me and I will laugh it off, easy enough. You say something about my best friends, and you’ll be drawn, quartered and hung. I love my friends more than anything or anyone else in the world, and I love them to bits and pieces and to infinity and back.  They’re one of the few things in my life that can get me to regularly blubber out of sheer happiness. 🙂


9. I’m a supporter of the lgbt community as well. I’m absolutely straight, but I believe we should have the right to choose who we love, that’s all.

10. I believe in God, and that everything I have in my life, is a blessing from Him. I’m a vain, ungrateful, selfish and shallow person, and yet He saves me from myself, every single time. I know I have Him, come what may. I’m not perfect, and I may never even be perfect, but I know He loves me anyway.

11. I would be lost without my poetry. There are words and people and wishes and dreams in my mind that I need to put down, I need to pen down, before they slip away into nothingness. I need to write poetry, not ‘want’. And even when I’m not writing poetry, sometimes I simply need to write.

12. I don’t like following rules. Yep. 😛


Pretty much all that. 😛

Hugs and muffins,

Cookie ❤



PS. 151st post!!! I FREAKING LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! 😀 😀 😀


10 thoughts on “Eleven and One, Eleventy One

  1. Sand says:

    All this simply makes me like you more, especially number 12. To me that demonstrates your awesomeness better than anything else you said here.

    It takes a better, more generous heart than I have to feel all this.

    I like the tee shirt. I used to paint tees, too. Once covered one with silver spiders just to freak out my DIL. Evil me. And I sketch on occasion but oils are far, FAR past my ability level. I’d love to see photos of your sketches and paintings. I’d even like to see more of your tees. That much creativity is such a charge.

    I hope your Prince Charming Publisher shows up. Your work is so very good it definitely should be published. Writing as a necessity resounds for me. I positively understand the ‘just gotta’ of it. Don’t ever ‘take the cure’.

    And I know you don’t like sharing photos of you but a photo of your belly-button piercing with ‘no.distinguishing marks or scars’ would be cool.

    Thanks for opening this door and giving us such a lovely view of our Cookie Monster.


    • Hahaha omg Sand! I’m totally stealing your silver spiders idea! I got a set of spider shaped studs that look like you have spiders walking across your ear, a shirt to go with them would be fabulous!!

      I’ve actually always been most comfortable with oils. Watercolors seem to airy most times, especially when I sit down to paint, it’s generally got more serious undertones. The largest I’ve done yet is a 3 x 2 ft of five horses running across a flooded plain, I’m sure I can dig it out for you, it’s somewhere lol. Other than that, doodles in whatever I can find. =P

      I hope I get published, I really do. You know, if I’m going to ever get my name on a book cover, I promise I’ll show up at your door with a copy and basket full of muffins! Love you, Sand dear!! ❤ =D


      • Sand says:

        I didn’t make it but I actually have a black sweater with silver spider webs and spider-shaped buttons. I love it but I’m pretty much alone on that one. LOL

        And I’d love to see the painting of the horses. If you look on my page you’ll see a couple of sketches I’ve made but it’s all pencil work. I have no talent at all with any kind of paint.

        I cannot imagine a set of circumstances under which you WOULDN’T get published. You have too much talent to remain obscure.


      • Nawwww that’s so adorable, sand! =) and extra muffin points to you, cause I totally approve of the spider sweater =P


  2. PapaBear says:

    Thanks for sharing, Cookie. What can I say…, you’re just a great, funny, grand gal. Stay happy and never change. Hugz !!!!!


  3. Netta says:

    Thanks for sharing…wow, many talents. Know who you are, know where you going to….love this.


  4. Madsies says:

    How would be Orange Pop?!
    That Tee is Juz Awesome, well every other one is. ❤ N I know u sketch great as well.
    Woohoo, the piercing! ;D
    Well, You have this thing of connecting with animals…never seen before. 🙂 N you are absolutely getting published.
    Your Humanity, Support, Poetry, Everything makes you the best of friends. Hugs!
    Love Love n Love.


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