The Beauty of the Blade




The Beauty of the Blade


Quicksilver slips across your wrist,
Speaking ever softly, in hushed murmurs
Threading its razor edge on you,
Cutting and smiling, in muted glimmers
Glinting off the crimson life leaking away
Weeping quietly a path down your skin
Whispering words no words could ever say
Carving them from where the veins stretch thin

Hush now, listen, the most potent tears
Cry in silence, louder than shouts,
Slicing new rivulets, birthing new streams,
For yet another traversed walkabout
Anger and frustration, hopelessness, despair,
Drain away slowly, ending the long drought…

Thirsty, ravenous, see the monsters feed
Ones you thought dead, cast away, or flayed
Beasts you thought banished, fears long suppressed,
Demons of your soul you’d thought that you slayed
Digging deeper into you, snarling, now weep
They knew your strength was a masquerade
Turns out they were there, waiting all along
Waiting for the time to claw from the shade

Sing now, then, the sweet song of surrender
Bleed out in time with the beauty of the blade…





Even a burning, scarlet red, can be soothing….



Your kooky Cookie ❤


5 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Blade

  1. daslater2013 says:

    This is indeed darker than your usual,some beautiful lines smeared in amongst the bleeding !! Astonishing write Cookie xdx


  2. Madsies says:

    This is really, really Beautiful <3. But the Beauty of the Blade is Unrest.


  3. Madsies says:

    Love, Hugs n Greetings ❤ 😀


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