Just Something…


Just Something

Something about the way
The sunlight catches your lashes
Turns my will to ashes
Sets my being on fire

Something about the way
You smile with your eyes
Sense and logic defies
Plays my strings like a lyre

Something about the way
Your wrist curls around mine
Makes the mundane, divine
Makes my very breaths seize

Something about your ways,
Just something about you today
Makes everything go away
And sets my heart at peace

© CM

Have a happy Sunday, everyone! =)


Cookie ❤


6 thoughts on “Just Something…

  1. Oliver Twist says:

    Awesome cookie! Just reading this sets my heart at peace! =)


  2. Madsies says:

    Something about your poetry..I’m In Love ❤ (Been right from the start 😉 ) This is just so Beautiful . Cheers! XD


  3. Netta says:

    This is something!!!! Lovely words, it actually brings so much love and peace. Thanks for sharing.


  4. congratulations all for the excellent text – very good


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