She flutters a hand idly, while she talks,
Rolling her eyes at some imagined slight
Smirks mirthlessly at bitter recollection,
But then laughs out in genuine delight
The corners and angles are just a facade,
She has naught but softness for those let inside
For all they’ve stolen, all they’ve taken away,
They still haven’t gotten all of her fight

I see her blank out, in vague introspection,
Her mind seeking corners that shun the night
It feels like I know, I really do know her,
And then she morphs, shows this new other side
That is totally alien, completely unknown,
A quiet raging inferno, burning sans respite,
Simmering restless within an ocean of blue,
Simmering, yet, as she burns in her light.

Sunlit, unbidden, I see her glow dim,
Bending unbreaking to everyone’s whims,
All the while learning, pliant and compliant,
Choosing to drown when the lessers will swim,
Standing against the tidal wave of the day,
Choosing to sip life overflowing the brim.

It seems she is strong, sometimes, even faultless,
Revels in her darkness, a rebel to the rest,
Sometimes she is crystal, fragile and whisper thin,
And then she will turn around, once again, the fearless,
Enigmas are woven into her own shadow,
Let alone the shadows that follow her footsteps
Puzzles so intriguing, I wish I could solve her,
Her magic remains undiminished, nonetheless.

She looks at me, knowing, and knowing, she falls,
The girl in the glass fades into the wall…

© CM



First off, monstah sized hugs all around! Tis the first of January, post the season to be merry, etc. Hope you guys had a great new year’s eve, and night, and even if it wasn’t aaaalll that great, here’s hoping the rest of the year brings you tons of cheer! =)

I’ve been a little off my game lately, I hope I wasn’t conspicuous by my absence (much. I’ve had some worried emails, and just clearing up, I’m one hundred and ten percent fine! You guys know me, down but never out, and up and back before you can blink! =) ) I’m also really sorry for making some of y’all fret. ’twas unintentional, and all things considered I had a pretty busy and good week, hope you did too.

In the rush of things though, even just round the corner from Xmas and the spirit of giving and receiving, spending time with family, friends, strangers, whatever your scene may be, the question in my thoughts is, how well would you say you know yourself? How much time do you spend by yourself? And how good are you at keeping yourself company?

I mean, sure, we all have our friends, our circles, our hangouts. But what of the places and the people you can be quiet with?.. The minutes and hours where you do nothing at all but think in amiable, quiet company. The evenings and nights when you’re alone, and you’re fine being alone, being uninterrupted and being with yourself. And even in those moments of introspection, how far into yourself can you see?

Because that clarity of thought evades me, some days. The ability that some people possess of being able to see into themselves, knowing their own selves through and through, I think it’s something to be envied. It’s not as I’d I’m completely lost, but well, not completely in control either. And while maybe complete control may elude me for a long time yet, I would definitely like to work on a crystal clarity of thought and perception. Maybe that can be my new year’s resolution, wahey. :p

So! How well would you say you know yourself?


Your curious and kooky

Cookie ❤

PS. Extra hugs for comments! Yep, I'm bribing you! :p


15 thoughts on “She

  1. andy1076 says:

    Happy new year Cookie! may it bring you dreams and beautiful memories 🙂


  2. Oliver Twist says:

    Welcome Back Cookie! Hope you had a good New Years Eve!! And awesome poem!!!


  3. chimerapoet says:

    I don’t know how people manage without some “downtime”. I probably exist too much in my own head, but that’s just how I roll……(I always wanted to say that! HA! I am edgy!) Seriously, we all need some contemplative moments to recharge our batteries and listen to/for the small voices. Happy new year again to you cookie. keep up your amazing work.


    • Hahah you ARE edgy, haters gonna hate but you are! 🙂 and yep. Recharge is just right! The small voices say much more than the greater rush of noise. Thank you so much, Chimera! Hope you’re having a smashing week! 🙂


  4. daslater2013 says:

    Quite honestly Cookie,I find it difficult to believe any of us ‘truly’ know our inner beast! But I love your honesty in retrospection I enjoy my aloneness! But too often maudling negative emotion creep into the fore.
    Like this piece as I sense some of yourself within the words and spaces between sentences ?! Excellent poem xdx


  5. Skeletopia says:

    “Her mind seeking corners that shun the night”-my favorite line. Also, very rarely have I ever seen anyone use sans in any type of contemporary literature. A great read!


    • Hehe thank you! I actually debated whether or not to put the ‘sans’ in there at all, but then I figured that since it popped up in my head like that, I went with it. :p thank you so much, and happy new year!! =)


  6. Thank you Oliver! Same to you!


  7. Madsies says:

    Amazing poem, the picture is Outstanding! ❤
    New Year Greetings. 😀
    Thanks for giving us your poetry which added to the Greatness of my Year. Hugs all around XD
    Love ya, Cheers!!! 😀
    Keep up the Awesome work , We Hearts it! 😉


  8. AAhhhhmazing write!!! Happy New Year Cookie! What a wonderful read. 🙂


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