In the subtlest caress of
The morning sunlight
In the frozen drops of dew
Lacing fragile cobwebs
In the fragrance of fresh citrus
On my fingertips

In the hint of a smile, in
A resurfacing memory
In the calm of end of night
Where all dreams run free
In waking up with a calm
Suffusing the breath in me
In peace even in restlessness
Even In velvet shadows, I see

In a thousand leaping, reaching
Dancing tongues of flame
In the smoke, and in the ashes,
From whence they came
Even in the silence, between
My two heartbeats
I can hear, I can hear
I can hear
Your name…

© CM


Absolute clarity, like single peal slicing through the stillness.

Like a thread of ripples rolling across a pool, to end in nothingness.

Like motes of dust swirling in a single illuminating ray.

Like midnight moonlight. Like waking dreams.

Like a voice. Your voice.

You ask why I find a new facet I like, every day

This is why. I see you more lucidly, and myself too.

And all the curtains fall away…


8 thoughts on “Lucidity

  1. daslater2013 says:

    Realy like this piece Cookie, there is a sensual softness that drips through each sentence collecting in pools of the lucid visions you paint !! Beautiful xdx


  2. Madsies says:

    Aha! This is Sweet! 😀


  3. PapaBear says:

    I liked it Cookie. I didn’t try to interpret it, apply reason to it, or read between any lines. I just liked the sound and feel of the rythm of it.
    Big Hugs !!!


  4. psycho says:



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