You think, you know,
That you have me
A poor delusion that my evanescent existence
Is bound in some sort of certainty

Because we burn, turn by turn, perpetually
Walk on through the ebbing smoke and ashes
We learn, of our own feeble immortality
Pushing the edges, widening the chasms
Between life and alive
You think, because I clung on,
You know you have me

And you do, too, as long as
I choose to suffer reality

And I’ll stand by you, through the oceans of stasis
Through everything, through it all
But when I finally fade away
You’ll see
It was me who never let your tears fall

© CM


11 thoughts on “Evanescent

  1. andy1076 says:

    So emotionally charged, Shame, some realize only too late, beautifully written 🙂


  2. Morgan says:

    So Tenderly Powerful !! Thank you for Sharing your Inspiration with Us.

    Happy Friday~


  3. Madsies says:

    Hugs Cookie Monstahhh! 🙂


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