Too Twit to Who


Too Twit to Who

I hate, I hate your wicked grin,
The one you save special for me
I abso-LUTE-ly loathe your laugh,
It makes me squirm, especially

Reminiscent of buckets o’ worms,
Squiggling over me when we hug,
The parallel fits pretty aptly,
Everyone knows that you love bugs

(And we’re not so hush, apparently,
Your indifference’s out for the world to see)

I’m an accomplished, bare faced liar
I’ll sing you a table, ‘maze you a mire
Puzzle, confuzzle you, but I should say,
I blame it aaaalll on the prompt today.

© CM

Day Sixteen of Napowrimo! All lies, it’s aaaalll lies!! 😀


Cookie ❤


14 thoughts on “Too Twit to Who

  1. Lauren says:

    This is brilliant (and I love the ‘lolcat’ photo!) x


  2. Chatty Owl says:

    Oh wow. Talk about familiar. Really powerful and bitter poem.


  3. wbdeejay says:

    this is great! brilliant prompt response.


  4. Blame it all on the prompt! I’ll remember that when I’m next in a tight spot!


  5. Serena Malcolm says:

    Haha brilliant. Love it!


  6. Madsies says:

    A lovely lie perhaps! 😉 Hilarious!


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