The Accidental Muse


The Accidental Muse

How do you warp the sun’s rays
To form a nimbus
In broad daylight?
And stay, so completely unaware,
Of how you make everything
Come to life?

How do you gleam, crystalline,
Bring diamonds cascading down
Send bolts of lightning arcing
Through the ground
And stay
So completely unaware
Of the fact that it’s all
Because you are there?

Alter existences, define
The boundaries of the universe,
Parallel realities, realization
Epiphany after epiphany
In seamless continuation

How do you transcend
Mere mortal flesh
And blood
And bone
Not even see how you reconcile
To me
The known, and unknown
And drop by drop,
Irrigate my mind
With a barely stemmed flood
Of reason, madness
Sheer, pure joy

And yet so untarnished, you are
Still you show me wisdom
Older than the stars
You guile and bewitch
Beckon, and confuse

How do you do it,
My accidental muse?

© CM

Day 19 of NaPoWriMo!! 😀


6 thoughts on “The Accidental Muse

  1. daslater2013 says:

    Astounding ❤ Only you could be so descriptive in vivid colourations such simplicity to blow my mind xdx


  2. Madsies says:

    Very beautiful. Its such a blessing to have that someone by your side whose presence itself is a bliss.
    Xo Cookie, 🙂


  3. Vilma says:

    Only you can make me read a poem and wishing it does not end…Very beautiful..


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