Some Nights


Some Nights

Some nights, when I lay in bed, it
Gets a little hard to believe, that
My skin has felt the touch of yours
My lips have known the smooth roughness of yours
That we’ve woken up, tangled together
With sheets as rumpled as our hair
Some nights, it’s hard to believe
That you were ever there
That I was ever there

Some nights, when I’m looking through
All the pictures I have,
Of you
(Not that often, mind you, but some nights, I do)
I find it hard to believe that you’re true
Most days, especially
When you say, we’ll never be
I look, and mend the broken bits
Of my glass heart, with glue
Still shattered, a fair bit,
But it’ll do, it’ll do

In the long hours of dawn, crawling past
I try to remember your scent, long lost
The patterns you traced onto my skin
The paths your lips took, more wicked than sin
Everything I did, to pull you deeper in

Sometimes I forget, and I dare to dream
Build castles in the air, for what has been
Some nights, I remember, and dream recklessly
And then I remember, why it won’t be

I know that you see, and you know I see,
You’re simply too good for me


Day Twenty Seven of NaPoWriMo!!! πŸ˜€


9 thoughts on “Some Nights

  1. Madsies says:

    My gosh. This is Awesome Cookie. ❀ Favorites!
    Lots of luv. πŸ˜€


  2. chimerapoet says:

    loved and hated this both. “it’ll do….” whats sadder than that? fantastic writing cookie


  3. Sand says:

    This has an astonishing ‘wow’ factor. I knew every nuance of that feeling and traveled with you through the belief and the disbelief. A heartbreaking trip. Most excellent, Cookie.


    • That is where I live, most of my days, really. Between the belief and disbelief. It makes for a restless roomful of dreams and doubt, but oh well. We make our beds, and we sleep in them. Thank you so much for sharing the trip with me, Sand dear. ❀


  4. drew delaney says:

    Heartbreaking! Written so well.


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