I need to understand this
Self enforced limitation
Reasons for this abstinence
I cannot explain, but still
It can’t be normal that
I need you more than I need air
My sweet, bitter,
Poison pill

Help me, I think I’m dying
And I’m choking on my words
And it hurts
And I hurt
I can’t breathe, I need, I need
Your absolution
Your flawless imperfection
I need, all I need
Escape and abstinence
But yet,

You are but near impossible lines
Rendered somehow, to existence
And I blame that which made you
For why my pulse is
So insistent
So persistent
Craving you like a drug
My throat burns
Saying your name
I need abstinence to
Break this addiction
Find some restraint
Find some way to comprehend
What I became
After you came

Because I’m sinking, floundering
Drowning in myself
Lost at sea

Can you see, do you see?
Can you see what I’ve done
To me?

© CM

Well, I’m back. 😛

That would seem to imply I went anywhere, but apparently, my mind is still functioning on napowrimo lines, and I can’t seem to stop writing. I’d originally thought I’d take a week ish off, but there was a whole verse in my head when I woke up, and here we go.

Maybe I need a little…..abstinence?


Xs and Os,

Cookie ❤


6 thoughts on “Abstinence

  1. drew delaney says:

    Wow! You are a true poet at heart, aren’t you? Awesome like usual.


  2. Madsies says:

    Wonderful. ❤ That's a hurtful way to save yourself a future misery. But that's a wise move to make I guess.


  3. daslater2013 says:

    Such desperative un- answerable longings ❤ 'think we could all do with a little abstinence to quieten loves addictions. xdx


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