For the best days of my life <3


Thank you, for making me smile.

For making faces at me, even the cringing and pukey sounds. For switching seamlessly between a monotonous bot and a loon on autotune. For being so downright funny that I have to sit down and laugh, when we’re on the phone.

For nagging me, for caring enough to nag me, for every new thing you add to that list. For biting your lip, before we kiss. For making me happy, for making me smile inside even when I think of you.

Thank you for being there, for letting me love you the way I do.

Just… Thank you.

I don’t know how long we have together. I can’t know, either. The fact remains though, that you make me so incandescently happy, just by being in my life, that it’ll be enough for me, forever. And I have no clue about what we’re doing, and I suspect, neither do you. Even so, even through all the insanity, the love still shows.

So… Thank you.

And I thought I’d write you a thank you note, but Dido sang it better than anything I could write, so here you go ❤

And obviously, can't forget our song, can I?

Love and hugs, my adorable foo

Cookie ❤


One thought on “For the best days of my life <3

  1. Madsies says:

    Wonderful sweet little things! ❤
    Beautiful array of songs. Love, Cookie. 🙂


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