This Rebel Heart


This Rebel Heart

Every day, every night, I teach myself to stay
Patient, penitent,
To keep my dignity
Cringe at the ways I degrade myself
For you
For you, I am forgiving
I have no mercy
For me

Envision the hours ahead
When I will walk down with you
I command myself not to look
Or to see, but look away
But when my eyes meet
your fiery, searing gaze
All my will
All I will,
Just melts away

I discipline myself
not to touch you
Knot my hands in my lap
Not to reach
For your slender fingers
And you brush
My arm,
Laugh and push me,
And I go weak

Tyrannically, I impose
Draw up rules, clauses, guidelines,
To contain the magma within
To keep my love safe
in its confines
But I rise up, rebel against me
Instead of being held safe and sound,

This rebellious heart
will do all it can
To lay under your feet, on the ground



6 thoughts on “This Rebel Heart

  1. Cynic Ninja says:

    Wow. This one is gorgeous. Well done.

    -Cynic Ninja


  2. daslater2013 says:

    Beautiful Cookie ❤


  3. Madsies says:

    Wow. So much love! ❤


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