The Rapture


The Rapture

Percussion, annihilation,
Follow your feet into the room
Wailing cacophonies of agonies
Borne of languorous rapture
And doom
Recollections, reconcile with
Crawling pleasures and madness
Wicked gleams of those nights
All those nights lost
In worshipping your alabaster form
Memories, and impossible fantasies,
Keep every imagination engrossed

And trapped
In that infinite, lethal gaze,
I am nothing more than a love struck, mooning child
You smell like sex, and cigarettes,
And my heart’s a bass drum gone wild
There is a riff inside my skull,
Pounding loud, our folie à deux
Manic-ecstatic, maybe,
But ohh..
The things I would do to you…

© CM

~for my muse,
forever, my muse~


3 thoughts on “The Rapture

  1. Madsies says:

    Very good. Loved it! ❤


  2. kismet says:



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